Wart Treatments That Work!

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Warts are harmless, non-cancerous skin tumors that can occur singly or in groups on any part of the body. The type of wart is named as per the region of their occurrence. Warts are caused by different strains of the fiendish papilloma virus. It conjures the body into providing it with room to flourish; this is known medically as the wart proper. Warts are non-malignant skin tumors that can appear on any part of the body.

It is named depending on the region of its occurrence. Seventy-five percent of the population encounters warts at least once in their lifetime. Plantar warts are the ones associated in the foot region. Most of the natural remedies for warts are associated with plantar warts. As a reminder, it must be ensured that the so called wart is not a corn, callus, mole, or cancerous lesion. If there is the slightest doubt about what it is, a doctor must be consulted. To help identify, warts are pale, skin-colored growths with a not so smooth surface.

Sometimes it has even borders and blackened surface blood vessels. Normal skin lines will not cross the warts surface. Warts are, however, very shallow growths and do not extend up to the bone. Most warts disappear on their own within two years. Children get rid of them faster. However warts are infectious and if left untreated, may increase in size or spread to other parts of the body. Normal medical wart treatments are associated with nasty-sounding destructive methods such as burning, freezing or destroying with laser.

These techniques are not necessarily effective. It is usually painful and may leave scars. Worse still; warts often reappear, no matter what treatment is used. Alternative medicines for warts, especially home remedies are therefore encouraged before heading for the doctor. Special precautions should be taken when attending to genital warts. One common home remedy is to buy vitamin A capsules and apply the oil directly to the affected area.

Fish oil or fish-liver oil capsules are the best source for Vitamin A. Fish or Fish liver oils capsules should be broken open and the oil massaged into the affected area once a day. The vitamin should not be taken orally; large doses of it can be toxic. A paste of Vitamin C tablets and water is one suggestible home remedy. The affected area should be bandaged after applying the paste so that it does not come off. The acidic property of the vitamin, particularly when in ascorbic acid form, affects the skin too. Therefore it is important ensure that the paste does not touch the skin.

Another popular home remedy is the onion method. In this method, a small onion piece is cut and kept dipped in vinegar overnight. In the morning, this onion piece should be placed over the wart and taped up tight. Another similar piece must be kept dipped in vinegar, ready for the next change. The onion should be changed at least once a day. Warts are bothersome, so do not let them irritate you any longer.

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