Article Marketing Automation – Great Exposure

With the economy in such disarray many more people are flocking to the internet as a form of financial salvation. They are often lured in by the prospect of quick and easy money and making money on autopilot while they sleep or on vacation. And while most of the ‘newbies’ will be taken in at one point or another, there really is such a thing as article marketing automation and it can work great for you.

Article marketing is free, easy to learn and very effective. So, you may be asking, what’s the downside? Well, the ‘downside’ is that writing and submitting articles on a regular basis is boring and time consuming. It can be done and if you have more time than money while you are first starting your internet business, just do it all yourself. If, on the other hand, you don’t have a lot of time but do have extra money you can consider enlisting the aid of a company to do some of the ‘leg work’ for you.

Many of these companies have automated the process so it’s as streamlined and quick as possible. They can do keyword research, write and submit hundreds of articles every single day. They will distribute the articles to hundreds of sites online. Some of these sites will be article directories and some will be blogs. Most of these companies will give you the option of choosing how and where you want your articles distributed.

There are also automated software programs that will distribute your articles for you. You will still have to write them, or hire someone to write them, but the software can submit articles to hundreds or thousands of sites online. This can be a huge time saver to you while still giving your article the exposure it needs to get the maximum amount of traffic.

Another benefit of automating the process is the huge advantage you can get by creating links from these sites back to your website. The more articles that get submitted (and the larger the number of sites you’re submitting to) can greatly increase the number of inbound links your website gets which will be looked on very favorably in the search engines.

If you have links coming into your site from other sites that have high rankings, the search engines look at that as a kind of endorsement. It seems to them that the other sites are telling people that your site is worthwhile and the search engines will reflect that in your ranking. Since it takes many links coming into your site to make a difference, having the whole submission processed automated will make those links much easier to come by and you’ll get them much more quickly.

Get the most out of your time online running your business. Use automation as much as you reasonably can. Whether you choose a service or some software or a combination of both, don’t overlook the enormous benefits of article marketing automation to get traffic and links to your website as quickly and easily as possible.