Is Eye Strain Causing Your Headaches?

The disorienting and distracting effects of a headache can keep your from wanting to complete your daily tasks and ruin the mood for all kinds of events. One of the most common causes of headaches are often a simple case of eye strain. When your eyes and the muscles associated with them haven’t been allowed … Read more

Yoga for Eye Strain

Most people know what it’s like to have eye strain. As the visually dependent technology becomes more and more widespread, it’s becoming more common for people to experience some kind of discomfort that comes from peering into a device for extended periods of time. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to … Read more

4 Ways to Relieve Eye Strain

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Tips for Proper Computer Ergonomics

A lot of people seem to believe that things like posture, and position don’t make a huge difference in health, but a careful examination of the wellness of people who have developed bad habits with their posture tells a very different story. There are a lot of things you can do to protect your general … Read more

Experiencing Eye Pain? Mistakes You’re Making Daily

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What to Know About Cat Behavior

Cats have some general cat behavior patterns that can help you tell if they are ill or having other problems. While behavior varies between animals, breeds, and social situations, there are still some common elements that one can rely on. These elements include body language, vocalizations, and social traits. Cat behavior as displayed in body … Read more

Understanding Outdoor Cat Care to Ensure Your Feline Remains Safe

Outdoor cat care needs to be considered if your cat has chosen to living outside, and although you may not totally agree some cats simply prefer it. There are many different cats that live outside, and although some people feel that all cats should be house cats for some this is not an option. Cats … Read more

Tips in Choosing the Best in Three Cat Care Products

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Three Changes to Adopt for Elderly Cat Care

Cats like their human counterparts will also experience physiological changes that come with the aging process. As such, elderly cat care considerably differs from caring for kittens and adult cats especially when it comes to daily care. Veterinary visits also become more frequent with the obvious goal of diagnosing diseases and disorders as early as … Read more

The Best Cat Eye Care Practices

Keeping your cat’s eyes healthy is not hard. Cat eye care can be included in your standard grooming practices and does not take that much extra time. It all starts with a simple at home inspection. You can do this in any well-lit room, and you simply need to look your cat in the eyes. … Read more

Taking care of your Pregnant Cat

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Taking care of your Cat Dental Care

Cats have teeth, so cat owners need to pay attention to cat dental care. It is not something that we often consider necessary, but some common sense can ensure that your cat and his or her teeth remain healthy. Preventing peridontal disease, feline stomatitis, FORL, and malocclusion through a good cat dental care habit is … Read more