The Stock Market: The Greatest Show on Earth

The Stock Market is like a day at the horse races, the state fair, and the gorilla exhibit rolled into one event. Nearly each hour of each day with the exception of some holidays the Stock Market is open somewhere in the world.

The currency traders are the vampires of the Stock Market. Their work day begins in the wee hours of the night and ends often times at the break of dawn. The commodity traders check headlines all over the world in order to determine how the volatile futures market is going to play out for the day. If there is a natural disaster that impacts a commodity the commodity trader needs to take note. The commodity trader needs to factor in significant and sometimes obscure news events that may spur on or decrease the availability of a commodity. The commodity trader is a news junkie.

The greatest show on earth takes place on the trading floor. Orders come in and traders in the center stage often times called the pit place the orders in between collecting their thoughts and barking back to to the other performers. It is an amazing feat considering the onerous task at hand and the surrounding circumstances. On some days some traders would rather confront the ferocious lion than a day on the trading floor.

In the background unseen by the crowds is the order makers. The select members of the stock exchanges that have the privilege of front row seats, but prefer the private box seats. The stock broker and mega buck investor who can shift the mood of the day by a single block of buys or sells. The strategic player who can play the upside and the down side of any news event or rumor and keeps the crowds coming back each day.

The stock analysts who determine based on graphs, moving averages and mathematical formulas the strategy for their investors. The analyst takes into account not only market news, but the probabilities of certain events impact on a unit or the entire market. The analyst is in many ways like the fortune teller at the circus with a crystal ball armed with a Hewlett-Packard hand calculator.

The show would not be complete without the critics. The clever and knowledgeable group of commentators and writers who explain or elaborate on the days events. It is similar to the play by play announcer at a Jai Alai game The ball sometimes travels faster than the words can be uttered from any human form of speech. This could explain why stock market commentators speak in fast forward fashion.

The Stock Market is the greatest show on earth and this can be explained by the very human trait of enjoying the art of the trade. It is the present day version of a day in the square with all of the smells, color and fanfare of a carnival where people communicate and come together to sell their wares. The Stock Market provides that ingredient of human existence that enjoys watching or participating in a good trade. .