What Might Trigger an Autoimmune Disorder?

One difficult thing about trying to deal with an autoimmune disorder, is that there can be
so many different factors that come into play. This is one of the details that can make it
extremely difficult to find out which disorder it may be, let alone how the sickness began
in the first place.
Luckily, the research that scientists have been doing over the last 15 years has given a
fair amount of insight into what kinds of things to watch for. In the next few paragraphs
you’ll see a few examples of might trigger an autoimmune disorder.

Stress, Anger and Anxiety

After a large portion of studies have collected information about the effects of extreme
emotions on your health, researchers have discovered that sustained stress can cause
damage to your immune system, and can trigger varieties of autoimmune disease. The
majority of patients studied and surveyed during these studies reported that the first
manifestations of illness took place during emotionally jarring times. Many of these
included caring for aging and sick loved ones, financial stress, or the dissolution of


In the last six years, gluten has become somewhat of a four-letter word among those
who are newer to the natural health community. Even though there’s a large portion of
literature that is devoted to getting people to stop consuming gluten, not very many
people understand exactly what gluten is or what its function might be. Gluten is a
protein that is found in wheat, rye, and barley among other grains. Some people who
experience the effects of autoimmunity might believe that they have celiac disease, but
when they’re found to show no signs of the disease they continue to consume gluten.
Unfortunately, this could be the beginning of a very serious battle with autoimmune
disease. Even food exposed to gluten can be damaging to people who are especially

Gluten-free Foods

This might be serious bit of bad news to a lot of people who have been doing their best
to avoid gluten, but many of proteins contained in foods such as rice, corn, and oatmeal
are very similar to gluten and could also create many of the same symptoms. Keep in
mind that not all of these symptoms may manifest the same way, and they can take
place outside of the gut. It would be good idea to get blood tests that are focused on
figuring out what is going on in your immune system. This would give doctors much
clearer information on which they can base a diagnosis.

Toxic Agents

Their number of compounds and new chemicals that have been formed as a byproduct
of man-made processes. Some of these toxins me so dangerous that they can arrest
neurological functions in the brain, or important processes that keep your cells alive.
While there are portion of these toxins that occur that can occur in nature, it’s still
understood that some of the most deadly toxins are the ones that are created as a
result of man-made processing.