Don’t Panic, After Your Child has been Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy

You received a call from you doctor informing you that the series of tests that were conducted point to the most plausible conclusion: your child has cerebral palsy. Your chest suddenly tightens. Tears began to flow and all you hear afterwards were you crying your hearts out asking your husband why does these things happen to you, of all people.

If you’re too upset, you might start blaming yourself, your husband and practically every one else for the predicament you are in now. And as you begin to think about the situation more, you begin thinking what kind of life your child will be living. You start thinking of what would be the special needs of your baby, how will your child interact socially as he grows up, how will he gain the education he needs. You have high hopes for your child and everything seems to be crumbling down after that one phone call.

But wait. Hold everything for a second. Don’t panic just because your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. I do understand that everything will change. Your plans for your child will change. But what should not change is the love you and your husband is currently giving to your child.

After getting the results from your doctor, you could check with other doctors just to confirm if your kid does have the condition or not. When you have been satisfied with the answers of your doctor, the next step would be to begin an information campaign for yourself. You need to know as much information as possible so you can plan properly your kid’s future.

But do not settle with just the factual information about the condition. You can learn almost everything about cerebral palsy from the various media available, TV, cable, movies, and even in magazines. However, one more important literature to read are all about the feelings you will now have to deal with as well as support groups that can help you and your family cope with the situation.

Be sure that you have a list of good resources which may include doctors, therapists, clinics, and even toy stores where you can get toys ideal for children with cerebral palsy. A good resource will allow you to get the necessary help when you need them.

Joining a group may it be just an online e-group can give you a place to vent when some things become unbearable and there will be off days. Having a support group will also help you deal with situations that you have no clue on how to deal with. You can ask for useful tips and other people from the group would most likely give you all sorts of good advice.

As parents you will need to be proactive with your child after a diagnosis has confirmed the presence of cerebral palsy. Aside from the medical aspect of the condition, one area that a parent should also take initiative is the educational future of your child. It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure that your child will be able to maximize not only the physical health but the mental and emotional aspects as well.

It is very important you keep your head n situations like this. For your child’s future you cannot avoid from doing so. Panic is never an answer, knowledge and understanding is.