How to Help Boost the Self Esteem of People with Cerebral Palsy

People with cerebral palsy also go through life’s usual phases of ups and downs which are common and normal stages in life and knowing how to help boost self –esteem for people with cerebral palsy is the first step to empowering them, instead of making them feel bad about their situation.

Self –esteem measures the value of how a person gets to know his worth and the effects of how a person gauges self –esteem are life –changing and dramatic, since it also plays a key role in shaping a person’s outlook and attitude towards life.

This is generally a struggle for those with cerebral palsy, especially when realizing that they are quite different from people who do not have cerebral palsy and bounded by the limitations of what they can or cannot do because of their condition.

Being aware of this is important since self –esteem is what fuels people to feel important or loved by others. When self –esteem is low, people either sulk, feel sad or be afraid to try out new things or take risks, sometimes even cause a person to feel depressed or dismayed.

Let us try to look into some of the common and best practices which have been tried and tested to help boost self –esteem.

Always compliment people daily, especially by trying to look for specific tasks people did good for that day and congratulate people for it.

It will give people a regular motivation to work harder and better to improve people and develop sense of maturity as a person.

List down all things people are good at doing and achieving, be it a talent, skill, sport or building up other people, this is also true for people with cerebral palsy, when they are recognized for their achievements and feats, making them feel better about themselves.

People can add more focus to these good points and fuels our passion to do better and make people not only understand others more, but also gives the true meaning and measurement of self worth.

Appreciation of one’s physical appearance and bearing can also be a source of self –esteem.

Other people can also be a source of pride and will help understand how some people would like others to appreciate them or work on other people’s physical appearance to boost self –morale and satisfaction.

Although people may regard others as equally important as having a sound mind, there are just some things people cannot change, most especially with those having cerebral palsy and the limitations to what they can do compared to those who have not.

Do not let negative feedback affect people with cerebral palsy, better yet, never try to dampen their spirits by making them feel less valuable or less useful.

Of course, one cannot help but feel bad about negative comments or reactions, but people have to consider that these are tests against character and personality.

Lastly, it is always best to look at things holistically and appreciate people for what they are or what they can do, be it people with cerebral palsy or not, since this will always give you a less discriminatory approach to life.

So try to look and see if people with cerebral palsy feel less important or are not satisfied with how others see and look at things, then think of ways on how to help boost the self esteem of people with cerebral palsy.