Essential Oils to Help with Hair Loss

Are you looking for more natural ways to deal with hair loss and increase new hair
growth? Essential oils might be the answer you want. They might not be the only
treatment you try for hair loss, but are definitely a step in the right direction.

Quick Guide to Essential Oils

Essential oils are types of oils extracted from different parts of flowers and plants,
including the flower buds, leaves, and branches. These oils are in their purest form, so
they are very strong and pungent. They are taken from natural herbs and flowers known
for their healing abilities. It is important to note that if you use essential oils, they should
not be applied directly to your scalp or skin – you need to dilute them first with a carrier


Lavender is a very popular essential oil due to its many different health benefits. Many
people use lavender for things like reducing stress and anxiety, and helping with dry
and cracked skin. Since it is so great for the skin, it is really good to be used on your
scalp. You might be experiencing hair loss from a dry or itchy scalp, which gets
scratched constantly, therefore loosening hairs that later fall out. Fungal disorders can
also affect your follicles and cause more hair to fall out. Try using some lavender on
your scalp by creating a diluted version with oil, or adding some drops to your shampoo.


Another wonderful essential oil for your hair and scalp is rosemary. This is another floral
oil similar to lavender that can help your scalp condition and your hair follicles
themselves. Rosemary oil can help to stimulate new hair growth if you have been
thinning, as well as help to thicken the hair you currently have. It also helps to work as a
topical hair loss treatment by stimulating your hair follicles, similar to how the drug store
product minoxidil works for hair re-growth. The simplest way to use rosemary is by
mixing it with some olive oil or argan oil, and applying directly to your scalp in areas you
want to treat.

Clary Sage

Finally, give some clary sage essential oil a try. This helps to stimulate hair growth
thanks to the phytoestrogen that occurs naturally in this herb. This can help to manage
the oil on your scalp, preventing it from getting too oily and leading to unhealthy hair that
breaks, as well as providing enough oil for a dry and itchy scalp.