Cure Halitosis With Zinc

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you felt uncomfortable talking to
someone because you are unsure if your breath is fresh enough, you understand how
difficult it could be for a person who spends a large portion of their time dealing with
halitosis. This condition afflicts a large amount of the population, and can be socially
crippling for some, but what can you do? Here we will be exploring one method to fight

How It Gets Bad

When bacteria colonies in your mouth get to be too out of control, the waste products
that they create become very detectable because of the odors that they put out.
Bacteria bind themselves to proteins and convert them into a sulfur gas, which is the
primary source of bad smells that come from the mouth. This is the cause of the rotten
smell that resembles the smell of rotten eggs. It is fairly obvious that this isn’t something
that you would want, but what can you do about this?

High Zinc Mouthwash

Typical mouthwashes are full of alcohol and sugars that can dry out your mouth and
create a situation far worse than where you started. For a mouthwash to be truly
effective, it should contain some form of zinc to naturally combat bacterial growth. Zinc
can also be used in tandem with other natural agents to kill or limit the growth of
bacteria in the mouth. This is done by its process of binding to proteins to block the
bacteria ability to produce sulfur. This will have a much more lasting effect that results in
fighting mouth odors.

Zinc Rich Foods

As an important mineral, zinc plays a massive role in nutrition. Other than receiving zinc
in mouthwash or in pill form, you can get a much needed dose of zinc through your
food. Foods like spinach, flax seeds, kidney beans, and cashews can help you to get
the zinc that you need. Since there are small amounts of zinc in all of these foods, you
don’t need to get all of the zinc in one meal. You can easily consume small amounts of
zinc through your day. A good amount of zinc in your system will help your mouth to
heal, and fight infections caused by microbes.

In addition to these methods with zinc, you should also consult your dentist for other