Herbs That Help With Bad Breath

In this modern era, the availability of information is much more widespread, including for
bad breath also known as halitosis. This can be a very positive thing for people who
wish to use alternative methods to deal with ailments. Modern traditional methods
employ the use of many drugs that are attached to a host of undesirable side effects.
Fortunately, there is a wide variety of information available that can give you options
about what kind of treatments that are available for your situation. Here are a few of the
herbs that can help with bad breath.

Tea Tree

This amazing herb has powerful and useful benefits that can aid with your breath.
Studies have shown that tea tree contains anti-fungal, and anti-microbial agents that
slow growth and even kill organisms. This makes it a great way to help freshen breath
because it will help to eliminate the bacteria that causes bad breath.


This herb has always been associated with cleanliness and good smells through
burning the herb which is also known as “smudging,” but in the last few decades,
science has uncovered that it contains actual agents that help to keep areas free of
bacteria and other microorganisms. These factors make it and excellent candidate for
the improvement of oral hygiene. Sage can easily be added to a tea or made into a tea.


As another aromatic herb, clove provides a powerful line of defense against bad breath.
Cloves contain many agents that kill microbes that build up in the mouth, as well as
deliver a pleasant odor from the cloves themselves. You can easily make tea with
these, or simply chew them until you have reached a desired effect.

Eucalyptus has been associated with nasal, throat and mouth health for quite some
time. In recent years, studies have proven that Eucalyptus can reduce the bacterial
ability to produce sulfur. This inhibitive activity reduces the foul, and rotten smells
produced by the harmful bacteria. It can also reduce the presence of bacterial colonies.


The leaves of this herb can be chewed or placed into a tea to help fight bad breath. Mint
contains strong oils that can help to balance and neutralize the odors, as well as kill
some of the bacteria associated with bad breath.

Try adding these herbs to your food or drinking a healthy herbal tea each day.