Natural Remedies For Halitosis

With an enormous amount of products for oral hygiene available on the market today, it
can be difficult to choose which ones might be right for you. The desire to have fresh
breath, and the social need to avoid offending others are a major drive for wanting to
gain control over halitosis, but some studies have shown that some products can
aggravate, or even worsen halitosis over time. Fortunately, there are several natural
alternatives available that can help you to achieve the results that you are looking for.

Drink More Water

Hydration is an important part of your health. When the body becomes dehydrated, it
has a much tougher time removing toxins and foreign agents from your vital systems.
The same can be said of the delicate balance of your mouth. When the mouth becomes
too dry, it becomes far less efficient in the removal of bacteria and the presence of
rotting food material. Furthermore, the saliva produced in the mouth contain enzymes
that aid in the fight to control and regulate bacteria in the mouth. When bacteria get out
of control, the result is the odor that is released by them, causing your breath to smell

Eat Some Parsley

Parsley is well known for its effects on digestive health. In the mouth, the chlorophyll
that is released by chewing can help to greatly reduce the presence of bacteria, and it
will also produce saliva, which is a major player in the defense against foreign particles
and vigorously reproducing bacteria. Another great advantage of parsley, is that once it
reaches the stomach, it will act as a deodorizer there as well because it can help
neutralize or lessen the smells that are coming from the gut.

Brush or Scrape Your Tongue

A very large portion of the bacteria that causes the foul-smelling odors in the mouth
resides in the throat and the tongue. A great way to limit the amount of bacteria that
resides in the mouth is to make it a point to clean and scrape your tongue on a regular
basis. If your tongue is coated in a white, stinky substance, then this is likely to be
caused by a buildup of bacteria on your tongue. You can buy a scraper or use a spoon
to scrape by beginning towards the back of the throat and pulling forward. These are
inexpensive and easy to use with miraculous results.