What to Avoid if You Have Bad Breath

Some people struggle intensely with oral health that leads to bad breath odors. If you
have been wondering how you can improve your breath odor, there are a variety of
factors at work. Besides the regular care of your teeth and gums, there could be a few
habits that have made your mouth a fertile location for bacteria that causes foul smelling
odors. The purpose of this article is to show you what to avoid if you have issues with
bad breath.

Oral Hygiene Products With Alcohol

If you have been raised with an awareness of oral hygiene products, you’ve probably
heard of mouthwashes that contain alcohol, and have been used to seeing them
advertised as the best way to freshen your breath. This is false. Products that contain
alcohol have a drying effect on the mouth, which causes harmful bacteria to flourish in
the mouth. This is because it stops saliva production that contains powerful enzymes
that protect your mouth against these bacteria. Instead, opt for more natural mouthwash

No Smoking

This one should be obvious. Smoking has a high presence of tar and other chemicals
that are dangerous to the mouth and hygiene. These chemicals can kill helpful bacteria
that should be present in the mouth, as well as dry the mouth out making it a breeding
ground for harmful bacteria strains. If you do choose to smoke, keeping the mouth moist
and clean is of the greatest importance as continued exposure to high amounts of
bacteria can cause gum damage requiring expensive surgeries, or special medical

Sugary Snacks

Bacteria feeds on sugary snacks and uses it to produce powerful acids. These can
damage tooth enamel and expose your teeth to heavy damage and infection. The
greater the bacteria population, the greater the chances of your teeth becoming
damaged, and anything with hefty amounts of sugar makes this possible. Cut back on
them, and be sure to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth more frequently to counter
this influence.

Gooey Starchy Snacks

Soft, starchy snacks can become stuck in the teeth very easily. When you eat things like
crackers, be sure to rinse your mouth out and brush thoroughly. This can help you to
prevent from creating pockets that collect bacteria and other food particles that can sit
and rot in your mouth, especially while you sleep.