Irritable Bowel Symdrome

Looking for Irritable Bowel Symdrome: Common Causes of Spelling Errors During Web Searches

People today make use of different websites to look for information they want on the web. Using these sites, they can just key in the information that they desire and the search engine or web directory will list the different websites that contain such information. In this search, some mistakes can occur. One of the most common mistakes that people make during web searches is the spelling error. People sometimes end up looking for “irritable bowel symdrome” instead of irritable bowel syndrome. As a result, they are often directed to different web pages which contain none of the information that they desire.

What are the underlying causes for searches involving “irritable bowel symdrome”?

1) No knowledge of the proper spelling – Some people may be mistakenly searching for “irritable bowel symdrome” because they do not know the proper spelling if the word syndrome. This can be due to a lot of things:

a) First encounter of the word – Some people are unfamiliar with the proper spelling of a word because they may not have encountered that term before. Because they do not know the proper spelling of the word, they can’t really try to look it up in the dictionary, can they? A good advice for people encountering unfamiliar words is to try and use the spelling and grammar checks of different word processing softwares available today. Often, just a simple click on a typographical error will show you the proper spelling of a word.

b) Mishearing – Most words in the English language are spelled the same way that they are pronounced. Because of this, most people rely on their hearing to learn about the spellings of different words. Thus, when a person mispronounces a term such as “irritable bowel symdrome”, people who have never heard that word before automatically assume that it is spelled just like that. One good advice to remedy this is to double-check with other people before you believe what others state as facts.

2) Mistakes – There are also cases when people make honest mistakes, despite knowing the proper spelling of irritable bowel syndrome. There are several reasons for making typographical errors:

a) Slip of the finger – Since the keys “m” and “n” are placed beside each other on the keyboard, it does not really take much effort to make an inference that the n of “irritable bowel syndrome” could be replaced with an m, resulting in “irritable bowel symdrome”. It could also be hard to detect on search pages since not all search sites really check the spelling of a keyword.

b) In a rush – The most common reason for typographical errors is rushing. Many people who use the internet to search for information are in a rush to get results. Because of this, they are often careless with their spelling. Thus, errors such as searching for “irritable bowel symdrome” occur.

What people need to realize is that we are not perfect. That is the reason why there is a “delete” key on the keyboard. We make mistakes all the time. While some mistakes like searching for “irritable bowel symdrome” may seem ridiculous, they are a natural part of life. There are two things we can do about mistakes: either shrug them off or learn from them. For the sake of the improvement, let us hope that we all choose to do the latter.