How To Get Rid Of A Sinus Infection

Ever told someone you are a bit under the weather? Well that is what happens when you are suffering from a sinus infection. Here is what you should do so you can take care of it before it gets worse.

First, try some home remedies. Some examples of these include steam therapy, drinking lots of liquid, getting enough rest, using heat packs and taking some medicine.

If you want to drink something else aside from orange juice or water, try drinking chicken soup or some tea. A lot of tea products are made from herbs and you are sure to find one that will be likeable to your taste. You can try eucalyptus, ginger, peppermint, licorice, lemon balm and Echinacea. Just be careful when you mix herbs with certain drugs because they may have a negative reaction to your body.

You can also consult a homeopathic doctor who will prescribe medication that generally does not have any side effects compared to over the counter medication.

Smoking causes sinus infections. If you happen to smoke regularly, cut it down gradually and then quit the habit. Many people are unaware that smoking damages the lining of the sinuses and causes swelling the in the mucus membranes.

Should you be suffering from an acute sinus infection, you will be back to normal within a week. But if this lasts longer, then you may be suffering from a chronic sinus infection and you will need to see a doctor.

After doing some tests, the doctor will most likely prescribe some antibiotics which you have to take until you feel better if it has been determined that this was caused from bacteria. To reduce the swelling, you will also be given some corticosteroids which can be delivered directly through your nose.

You might be prescribed antihistamines or decongestants which you can take orally. The only downside is that although it can help dry up or shrink the backed up mucus, it is only temporary.

Another way to loosen the dried mucus is through moisture or humidification. Your doctor will not give this to you but suggest that you buy a humidifier which you can use at home.

Lastly, if the sinus infection is caused by an allergy, the only way to get rid of it is with immunotherapy which is a technique that stimulates your antibodies.

You can tell if what is given is working or not based on the color of your phlegm. If you spit out some and this is color yellow, it means that you are on your way to recovery. If this is color green, then a lot more has to be done to make it go away. If this is color brown or orange, there could be complications like pneumonia. Whatever happens, update your doctor regularly until so he or she can track your progress.

Fighting a sinus infection could last a few days to a few weeks. Regardless if this is acute or chronic, you have to take action fast to prevent complications from taking place. If you think that a cold cannot do anything worse, think again because there are times that this could put you into a coma or something fatal. So start out with home remedies and if all else fails, get medical help.