Signs That You Might Have Strep Throat

It’s never fun to get sick. When that tickle in your throat causes you to cough for the first
time, you’re probably thinking about all the tasks that you have to do before you get too
sick to complete them. Some illnesses are less likely to prevent you from engaging in
your routine, but that can all depend on what kind of sickness you have. Some
infections can be very dangerous if left unchecked, and you might end up needing
antibiotics in some case. This is especially true of Strep Throat, so this article will be
exploring the signs which indicate that might have strep throat.

When It’s Not Strep

There are a few minor things that will give you an indication of a difference between
strep and typical flu/cold symptoms. If you have a cold or a flu, you are likely to have a
running nose. Colds tend to mess with your nasal area quite a bit, so your body will
begin to stimulate a mucosal response as soon as it’s aware of the virus. In the case of
strep, there is no runny nose. The strep bacteria tend to be centered in the throat, and
particularly advanced infections can ever have an odor.

Strep Symptoms

When you have a strep infection, the throat pain is usually one of the first things that
you notice. It could start with a minor tickle, but within a day or two you will probably
begin to experience a sharp burning sensation. You will especially notice this during
meals because swallowing will sometimes be painful. An infection in the head will
almost always result in some sort of fever, which can also lead to a rash of some kind.
Your body will be working to protect itself from the infection, and your lymph nodes will
also likely be very swollen.

Get to The Doctor

If you experience any of the symptoms described above, it would be a good idea to get
to the doctor. A strep infection is extremely contagious, so you will want to stay away
from people until you have been on antibiotics for at least 48 hours. Seeing the doctor is
important, because your compromised immune system could become vulnerable to
other serious infectious. Be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions for a more complete

Strep throat is not something that should be taken lightly, as it can get worse over time.
Make sure you seek treatment as needed.