Informative Information Regarding Warts Of All Types

As a small rough tumor, the warts can occur mainly in hands and feet. It is the skin infection by a virus known as HPV or the human papilloma virus. Studies have shown that this common virus, on the hands or the feet, can infect three out of four persons. The warts simply stay for months or year and disappear naturally, but in some cases, they develop cancer.

It is advisable to wash the hands after touching the warts. There are some remedies for the warts removal, though sometimes the home remedies can be there too. Keratolysis Treatment: Salicylic acid is required to be given to the area affected by the warts. You can get the Salicylic acid in the drugstore or in the supermarkets in two forms: adhesive pads concentrated with the Salicylic acid and bottle of liquid Salicylic acid.

Wash the wart-affected area properly with a medicated cleansing solution, rub the area with a pumice stone or the emery board, and then apply the Salicylic acid. It would take nearly 12 weeks for any solid wart to disappear. Cryosurgery or the Cryotherapy: This treatment consists of freezing the warts by the liquid nitrogen; the wart and the surrounding dead skin will fall off easily.

Laser Treatment: When all other treatments turn out to be ineffective in removing the warts, doctor might use laser; the whole process is quite painful and it would leave scar on your skin, too. Imiquimod: A soft and topical cream, known as Aldara, is applied on the warts. This will create interferon production that will enhance the body immunity system to ward off the warts.

However, it has some side effects also like the redness and irritation to the skin. Candida Injections: The body immunity system can be raised by injecting the Candida solution. The body will then fight off the warts. Chemical Treatment: Cantharidin is a popularly known chemical to be used in the warts area; the warts will be blistered. After that, the doctor, at his next visit, will remove the dead skin totally.

A home remedy: Duct tape occlusion therapy or the usage of the Duct tape to remove the warts is another effective way. You can get the Duct Tape in the drugstores and it is found to be a successful removal treatment. Studies show that some use banana skin, vinegar, hot water and washing liquid, aerosol sprays, tea tree oil, potatoes or cauliflower juice in the warts effected area.

Genital warts have no bindings on sex but women are the major victims suffering from this problem. In males the genital warts are quite visible around the penis but in the females they circle even in the inner layer of the vagina and thus become difficult to detect. And the warts get hidden in these layers. The virus spread faster in the warmth of the area and if the woman is an infection carrier, she can outspread the disease easily to her partner’s body.