Recognizing Different Types Of Warts

There are many myths and truths about warts. I remember like most of you as a child to not
dare pick up a frog or you will get warts. I really don’t know who came up with that theory. The truth is frogs have nothing to do with warts. To be perfectly honest most warts are really painless. They can be referred to as a lump that is noncancerous.Most of us have a immune system to the warts and usually can’t get them.

Some people however can be susceptible however they usually won’t last long and they will soon disappear. For those that might be susceptible to them I will go over the different types of warts and how to treat the type you
may have. The first type is what we call the most common ones. These warts will have show up on your skin usually on a rough raised surface that can appear anywhere on your body but most of the time they can be found on the top part of your hand.

Another type of wart is called a flat wart. Unlike the common wart that makes your skin feel rough this type will make your skin feel smooth and is a very small type of wart that that can appear in a cluster form and will mostly develop on a part of your hands, legs,and mostly will appear on your face.These warts are usually so small that you may not notice them.

There is also a wart known as the plantar wart. This type of wart can feel like a callus and will show up on the bottom part of your foot.If you have had a callus you know how painful that can be when you put pressure on it. This type of wart can be painful similar to what a callus will feel like when putting pressure on the foot. A fourth type is a wart known as the filiform.This type of wart will show up around your face area such as your eyelids and even your neck.

These warts are very small but also can be a very long shaped wart.One more I want to mention is for
the woman reading this. The wart called genital warts.These are another smaller type of wart that will be very uncomfortable and will appear on your genital area and can also show up on your anus area.I know these
warts are very bothersome but there is some self-care options that might help.

If you have a wart that is not very noticeable and is taking longer then you want to go away you can just use a medicine you can buy over the counter. You can find these over the counter medicines in a liquid form or even a pad. When you start to use this medicine put this medicine on the top part of your wart and also put some of the medicine on the side of the wart.

Make sure you do not put this medicine on directly on the skin that is around the wart you are treating.Look on the directions to see how long it will take to work. If that time has past and the warts are still there it is recommended that you see a physician.

He may can prescribe you a prescription medicine that will work better or may even remove it from
you. Whatever kind of wart you may have make sure you do try to treat it before it can get infected. They can be annoying but also can be treated without going through a lot.