What You Should Do When A Wart Appears

Most warts disappear naturally, often within a few months but can sometimes be years before they disappear.You may prefer to wait for this to happen.But if you do have warts that are really bothering you either by the way they look or feel you should seek treatment. There are two known cases where you should see your doctor rather than treating these warts with over the counter medicine or self help treatments.The first type of wart is called penile or vulval warts.

The other is if you have any other wart of any kind show up on your skin if you are 45 years old or older.In older individuals what looks like a wart could actually be a more serious skin condition,such as skin cancer.There are four kinds of malignant melanomas. The typical appearance is a malignant melanoma usually this takes the form of a dark,slightly raised lump.Such a malignant growth that can look like a wart also can occur in an existing mole,and cause it to enlarge and perhaps bleed.

Another type is a large brown fleck on the face,which occurs in the elderly and takes 15-20 years to become malignant. A blue,brown,or black lump that bleeds easily,and a dark area that enlarges near the tip of a finger.So as you can see warts can be treated if they are indeed warts. If however,you do nothing about the wart and it is not a wart very disastrous things could become the outcome.So always look at what can be done for warts or any other skin condition you or a loved one may have.

The elderly usually do not want to bother their family members for something they think is common such as a wart because they believe it is just from their aging and are probably just spots that they get as they get older. If you are a family member of and elderly person check their skin to see if they may have a wart of some kind or possibly a skin condition that needs to be treated immediately.

When you have knowledge about skin conditions that can occur on a person you can help a person that may need answers about their possible wart or any other skin condition they may have.I have had to go to the doctor with my husband for his skin cancer and what he has to go through because he waited to long is very unpleasant.He let one piece of skin cancer go to long that was on his temple,that he had to get it cut out.

They had to cut very deep five different times to get the skin cancer out.So knowing what to do when you have any skin condition can be life saving,whether it may look like a wart or not get it treated immediately for your own protection or a loved ones.