How to Fight Yeast Infection At Home

There are many causes of yeast infection. These include wearing tight jeans or underwear and certain antibiotics such as steroids and birth control pills. To make matters worse, this is common among women especially during child bearing age. This begins with a slight itch in the vagina. The only good news is that this can be treated and there are certain things you can use to fight this at home.

You can use Cranberry pills. This is sold over the counter in the drug store. What makes it so effective is that the ingredients help the body’s immune system to fight back the spread of the fungus until this once again reaches normal levels.

Another option will be to use apple cider vinegar and applying some on a cotton ball. Those who decide to try it should expect to feel a slight sting after applying but this can be countered by mixing it with a little garlic. Naturally, this vital organ will also smell. You can fix this by diluting in some water.

Yogurt is another alternative. You will only need to get a teaspoon and then apply this directly in the affected area or on a tampon first. If you don’t have yogurt, use curds. This should be applied twice a day until the infection is gone.

You can also mix olive leaf and grape fruit seed extract together with water and then apply this using a cotton bud. You can also get the same result using raw garlic juice. Just rub this over your fingers and then rub it over the affected area.

Whichever you use, you must never have sexual intercourse because this is an STD or sexually transmitted disease that could also cause problems for your male partner. If treatment for yeast infection takes about a week, this could lasts longer than you anticipated.

If treatment for yeast infection is not working, then it is time to try something that can be given by your doctor. There are creams, tablets or suppositories which are often recommended rather than using oral medication.

One thing women should keep in mind about yeast infection is that although this is caused by a fungus known as Candida, this is normally present in the body. If you are not experiencing any symptoms that are associated with it such as itching, soreness or burning then it should not be treated because it is not a disease.

Aside from the fact that yeast infection is treatable, there are also ways to prevent this from ever happening. The best is to drink a glass or two of milk daily as this ensures that there will never be an overgrowth of yeast down there. You must also avoid wearing tight pants or underwear. If you go swimming, get out of the wet swimsuit right away. Do not also use douches, feminine sprays, scented toilet paper and deodorant tampons.

You can fight yeast infection at home or with the help of your doctor because treatment is different for women who are pregnant. Sometimes you don’t even have to anything as this will clear up on its own. However, if this should happen again, then the doctor should do a more thorough examination and use hormone therapy to reverse or treat it.