Promoting NFTs On Social Media Platforms

A lot of NFT creators will list their tokens on a popular marketplace such as OpenSea and hope that this will be enough to make sales. Although you could be lucky with this approach, it is better to promote your NFTs on social media platforms to generate more interest.

At the end of the day, you want to get as many people interested in your NFTs as you can. As most NFTs are sold using an auction process, the more people that are bidding on your tokens will usually mean that you will get a higher price for them.

In this article, we will explain the best strategies for promoting your NFTs on social media platforms. You need to use the right platforms to ensure that you get the best results. Also, you need to present your NFTs in the right way.

What is Special about your NFTs?

It is essential that you generate a buzz around your NFTs so that you have the best chance of selling them at the highest prices. You need to tell your audience what is special about your NFTs and why they should invest in them. Most NFT creators do not do a good job with this and find it hard to sell their tokens as a result.

Know your Target Audience

The first step in promoting your NFTs is to understand who your target audience are. What are their interests? How old are they? What social platforms do they tend to use? People use different social platforms for different reasons.

When you clearly identify who your target audience are you will have a much better chance of getting in front of them on social platforms. Some people prefer to use Instagram while others like Facebook or Twitter.

Instagram is a good Visual Medium

Instagram is famed for being a visual medium. People use this platform because they want to see images and videos. It is good to showcase your NFTs with various images and you can do this easily on Instagram.

One of the drawbacks of using Instagram is that you cannot place direct links to your NFTs in your posts unless you have more than 10,000 followers. You can add a single external link in your bio and that’s it.

If your audience uses Instagram (a lot of NFT collectors do) then the best way around this is to create your own website where you list your NFTs and let people know when they will drop. You can add the same images that you would with an Instagram post on your website. Add the URL of your website in your Instagram bio.

Twitter is a good Social Platform

There are usually quite a lot of people that are interested in NFTs on Twitter. Unlike Instagram, you can create direct links to your NFT listings with each tweet. You can also add an image and even a series of images in tweets now.

Target your Audience on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network of them all and it is something that you should definitely consider for showcasing your NFTs. You can create reasonably inexpensive ads on Facebook to promote your NFTs. You can specifically target your audience using a number of different demographics. This is also possible with Instagram ads.