What is Laser Acupuncture?

In the United States there is currently an obsession with research that needs to go into the study of acupuncture in order to realize just how beneficial the process can be. However, even before the full benefits of acupuncture could be realized within the United States the whole process of the therapy is about to change. Even though this change has not been real widespread, one of the major changes within the acupuncture world is the fact that lasers have now been added to the already overly-complicated technique of acupuncture. There are many reasons why lasers have been added to the process and some of those reasons will be focused on within this article. But the fact of the matter remains that the whole face of acupuncture has changed, but whether it has been for the better or for the worse still remains to be seen.

Why Lasers Were Added

There are many theories on the issue why laser acupuncture evolved into the United States, but the most popular theory and perhaps the most reasonable one, states that laser have been added to the acupuncture process in order to be more accurate in the treatments of patients. For example, many people already know that sticking and pricking needles into a body can be a hard process to duplicate over and over. However, with lasers that are added to the process they can be pricked into the body through the use of a laser beam and computer. The laser beams are not only beneficial to the whole process of acupuncture because the lasers can be adjusted to each individual’s body, but they have also been beneficial because it is the quickest way to undergo acupuncture therapy.

How Lasers Have Changed Acupuncture

Many traditional people who have been advocates of acupuncture for quite some time in the Chinese culture have said that the addition of laser therapy to acupuncture techniques have been great for the growing number of people that have shown an interest in the healing technique. On the other hand, there have also been acupuncture professionals who have said that combining two totally different forms of therapy should never have been done. The main reason that laser therapy is guarded against when using acupuncture is the fact that the whole acupuncture process has not yet been mastered by many people in the United States. This addition to the whole process will not only complicate matters, but it will also make the original procedure of acupuncture a lot more difficult to perform.

All things considered, though, it is definitely true that many people agree that laser therapy, combined with acupuncture therapy, are two totally different therapies that should or should not have been added together. Even though there are plenty of differentiating opinions on the matter, what matters most is whether the process of acupuncture and the effectiveness of the treatment is any different with the lasers added. Many people say that it has taken away the effectiveness of acupuncture, but it is ultimately up to the person to realize whether or not acupuncture has changed!