What You Need For At-Home Barre

Barre workouts can definitely be done at home, but there are a few things you will need first. Some of these items you should also bring to your class if you head to a studio, while others you only need if you intend to do the workouts at home.

Stretchy and Comfortable Clothing

To start with, you are going to need to wear the right clothing for your barre workouts. This includes clothing in the studio or at home. When you workout at home, you have the luxury of not worrying about how you look and can just wear whatever is comfortable, even you just choose a sports bra and yoga pants. Make sure your clothing is stretchable and provides plenty of movement, preferably yoga pants or leggings. Avoid shorts since the rubbing of your legs can be uncomfortable for barre workouts. It is also good to get some ballet socks, sometimes called barre socks or yoga socks. These have sticky bottoms to keep you from slipping and sliding on the ground.

Something to Lean On

Many people that fall in love with barre workouts will choose a room dedicated to their ballet and dance fitness, and actually install a ballet barre on the wall. This is definitely an option available to you, but there are some other options as well. If you want a barre, but don’t have room to attach it to a wall, you can get a portable barre that works the same, but can be moved around. This is attached to a stand and is usually lightweight. Other people just use the back of a chair for their workouts, which works just fine. Just test the height so that you can reach your leg on it comfortably.

Other Workout Tools

Depending on the type of barre workout you do, there might be some other workout tools and accessories you will need. For one thing, many barre workout routines involve floor work, so if you are working in a room with tile or hardwood floors, you will want a yoga mat. You may also want a small exercise ball and set of light hand weights, since many of the workouts will ask for you to use them.

It is a good idea to watch through some of the videos or DVDs you are using for your at-home barre workout to find out exactly what you will need. Make a list of the equipment or accessories being used to be sure you have everything ready before your first workout.