Are you Thinking on Auto Pilot?

The brain is a fascinating aspect of our bodies because so much of who we are is controlled there. It is common though to get caught up in a pattern of behavior when it comes to thinking. If you are doing it all on auto pilot then it is time to change the way you think! You will definitely get more out of life when you take such an approach. It will improve your relationships, your attitude, your work environment, and even how you feel about yourself.

It can be hard to really assess your thinking process when you are on auto pilot. Try to do so objectively though so you can see things in a new light. Think about something you do at home or work all the time. Now ask yourself why you do it that way. If the answer is because that is the way it has always been done, you aren’t really thinking about it. Now that you have identified the situation, put some serious thought into the process. If there a better way that it can be done?

Relationships can be tricky as well as difficult. If you find some of them that you have to be stressful at times, you need to change your way of thinking. What is it about the relationship that doesn’t flow well? Do you have the same conversation over and over again with your spouse, child, or other person in you life? Is the outcome always the same no matter what? If so, then it could be due to the fact that one of you or both of you is on auto pilot when it comes to your thinking.

A great way to change that is to ask the other person what they are thinking. Once they tell you, ask them why they feel that way about it. When you respond to them, ask yourself the same thing. What is it that is triggering such a response? Is that the pattern on behavior that you always go with? If so, then why not try something new because obviously what you are doing now and what you have done in the past wasn’t productive.

The work place environment is a great opportunity for you to change your way of thinking. Many people go to work each day, do their job, and go home. There is likely to be many areas of you job where you can do it differently with the same or better results. As you start to identify those areas, write them down. Present your plans to your boss and see if they are willing to allow you to try them. Most employers love to see employees taking such initiative.

When you make the conscious decision to change the way you think, you can remove many of the negative things around you from your life. You can focus your energy on the positive around you. Look for solutions that fit the situation instead of going on auto pilot and doing what you always have in the past. At first you will have to really think about it to make it work. However, it will soon become part of your regular behaviors that you engage in.

Other people will appreciate you more too because you will be giving them a fair chance to explore their own ideas. You won’t be cutting them off with your automated response to their situation. As a result you will find that you are happier, you have less stress, and that your various relationships with others have improved. If you are thinking on auto pilot you may be getting several things done, but you are really only going through the motions with them.

You need to make sure you are fully exploring all your options. Don’t just accept what is in front of you at face value. There is certainly much more out there being offered to you if you are receptive to it. Once you have made the choice to change this type of thinking, you will start to notice those opportunities more and more throughout your day.