Crystals for the Chakras

Your chakras are healing centers of the body, with a total of 7 in all. When you begin
working with your chakras and balancing them, you might want to add crystals to the
practice. With crystals, you use certain ones designated to the different chakras in order
to provide more healing abilities for that area of your body.

Root Chakra

Your root chakra is all about grounding, so stones that remind you of the earth are going
to be ideal. Think about crystals that are brown and black, sometimes with red crystals
as well. For example, black crystals for the root chakra include black tourmaline, black
obsidian, and jet. You might want red crystals like fire agate, bloodstone, and red
jasper, or brown crystals like smoky quartz, tiger’s eye, and hematite.

Sacral Chakra

Your sacral chakra is next, which is right below your belly button. This energy center is
all about your kidneys and include your reproductive organs. You want to choose
crystals that help with sexual energy, health, and balance. The color of these crystals is
typically orange or peach, though some brown is mixed in as well.

Crystals for the sacral chakra include carnelian, citrine, imperial topaz, moonstone,
peach selenite, and fire opal.

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is right at the top of your belly, with crystals typically used for self-love,
confidence, and inner strength. The colors yellow and gold are typically associated with
this chakra. Therefore crystals like topaz, citrine, tiger’s eye, golden calcite, and golden
quartz are ideal.

Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra is not just about love and friendships, though that isa big part of it.
This energy is also focused on compassion and being open with your feelings. It is a
pink chakra, though pink and green together are often used with the crystals. Think
about pink and green crystals together like watermelon tourmaline. Some other crystals
to use include rose quartz, jade, green aventurine, peridot, and emerald.

Throat Chakra

Your throat chakra has the energy of communication, so if you struggle talking about
your feelings or have trouble speaking verbally to others, crystals that are light blue or
teal are great. The best are turquoise and lapis lazuli, but you can also use aquamarine,
blue topaz, angelite, and celestite.

Third Eye Chakra

When you want to improve your intuition and mythical abilities, use crystals meant for
the third eye chakra. The color association for this chakra is purple and various shades
of violet, with crystals like amethyst, tanzanite, lapis lazuli, iolite, and blue tourmaline.

Crown Chakra

The final chakra in your body is your crown chakra, which is really about your spiritual
connection to the universe. This can also be a purple chakra, though often people also
use crystals of gold or clear varieties. Therefore, selenite, white moonstone, and white
quart are at the top of the list. You might also want to use amethyst, selenite, ametrine,
and spirit quartz.