Use Crystals for Daily Manifesting Rituals

If you are someone who does manifesting rituals every day, like scripting or
visualization, crystals work great for this. You can either program certain crystals to be
used for manifesting specifically, or you can leave them in your altar and harness their
energy when you need it.

Choose a Crystal for Your Daily Intentions

The first way to use crystals for daily manifesting rituals is to use them for your daily
intentions. Each day, you might have a different intention or goal, which can help you
decide which crystal is best to use. Maybe you are struggling with anxiety one day, so
you decide to bring a cleaned amethyst crystal with you wherever you go, or you are
feeling in need of some confidence, so you decide to journal with a carnelian crystal in
front of you.

Set Up Crystals on Your Altar

Altars sound like intimidating things, but it is really just a place where you do your
meditation, divination, or other spiritual practices. If you want to start manifesting with a
daily ritual, setting up crystals for manifestation on your altar is a wonderful way to get
the right energy. Some crystals for manifestation altars include moonstone, selenite,
clear quarts, and black tourmaline.

Create Wearable Charged Crystal Jewelry

Once you have gone through your manifestation ritual, you might want to carry that
energy around with you as a reminder and to have the energy stay charged toward what
you are manifesting. This is when it can help to wear crystals. There are many types of
crystal jewelry to choose from, with crystals for all sorts of manifestations. Like other
crystals, you want to keep this jewelry charged and cleansed of negative energy.

Scripting and Other Daily Rituals

Crystals are a great addition to your scripting practice. You simply need to place your
crystals near you to touch and look at while you are scripting. Again, choose crystals not
just for manifestation in general, but specifically for what you are trying to manifest.
Rose quarts is amazing when you are trying to manifest love, but if you are looking to
manifest abundance, try green, citrine, or selenite.

You can also use crystals for other types of daily manifesting rituals, such as meditation
and visualization. If you are planning to do water manifestations where you speak out
loud into a bottle of water, charge it under the moon and drink from it, then you can
have crystals outside charging under the moon at the same time, right next to your