Why Selenite is Such a Powerful Crystal

When you begin looking at healing crystals and which ones are best for things like
clearing negative energy, manifesting, and finding peace, selenite is likely going to be at
the top of the list. Selenite is often recommended for divination, spiritual practices, and
just healing the body or mind. Here are some reasons why so many people love to use

What is Selenite?

If you have watched people in their divination or spiritual practices, such as reiki
healing, meditation, reading tarot cards, or sitting in front of their altar at home, you
have likely seen selenite. It is most often in the form of a crystal wand, though it can be
found in other shapes as well.

Selenite is connected to the Taurus zodiac, so it is a very grounding stone. It is often
used for manifesting, meditation, and other spiritual purposes. Selenite has many
natural energies, including positivity, purification, clarity, and improving your psychic
abilities. It is a soft crystal, so it shouldn’t be used for jewelry. You need to be careful not
to scratch or damage it, therefore when you cleanse it, do so in the full moon. Do not
submerge it in water just to be safe.

Using Selenite for Spiritual Practices

The reason selenite is so popular for spiritual practices is because it contains a lot of
metaphysical properties. The energy inside selenite can help to balance your chakras,
particularly your third eye and crown chakra. It helps you open you up, heal from the
past, and gain more clarity. If you are trying to manifest clarity, abundance, love, or
compassion, selenite works great for this as well.

Mental and Emotional Healing

As you can imagine, selenite is wonderful for healing your emotional or mental state. If
you have anxiety or stress, you can charge it to manifest a calmer mind. It can be used
to help you sleep if stress is keeping you up at night, provide a calmer demeanor, and
help rid you of negative emotions like anger, fear, and regret. Selenite is often used to
heal your soul and spirit as well.

Physical Healing

The less common properties of selenite are its physical healing properties. What you
will notice the most when you charge selenite is that it helps to balance your entire
body. You feel more in alignment physically, such as relieving back pain and having a
straight spine. You might notice your tension headaches have lifted and that your
eyesight is clearer.