Superfood Fruits for Your Green Juice

If you’ve been looking into what kinds of things you can put into the green juice that
you’re planning to make, you’ll be excited to know that there are some great superfood
fruits that you can use to increase the nutritional yield of your green juice as well as
make your juice delicious and fun to drink. The only thing that you need to worry about
now, is to learn which of these
great fruits you need to pick, so keep reading to find out about using superfood fruits in
your green juice.


No matter how you slice it, any person who is in the know is aware of the many amazing
benefits of adding tomatoes to your diet. Tomatoes are excellent, easily accessible
sources of nutrients, and they contain tons of helpful agents that can help protect the
body from all kinds of damage on a cellular level. They are especially rich in the
antioxidant lycopene when cooked. These natural chemicals work together to repair
DNA, soften skin, and reduce the risk of cardiac events by keeping blood vessels from
becoming hardened. Try adding a tomato into your green juice once a week.


This spiney, sweet fruit is an interesting and flavorful addition to pretty much any drink
you can think of, and they are packed with nutrients. One little known fact about
pineapples is that they contain an important enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme
gives the body the ability to dispose of or utilize proteins that haven’t been able to be
digested. The only thing is that the enzyme is only really found in the core of the fruit,
which means that you won’t be able to get any unless you juice the core as well.


This tropic fruit has been known for supporting healthy digestive action for a few
hundred years.
It’s heavily packed with vitamin E, vitamin C, lycopene and other useful nutrients. They
are also rich in an enzyme called papain, which eliminates agents that cause
inflammation, and sensitivity. It can also work to break down proteins that have
collected on the surface of the skin.


If you’re reading this list, then you’re probably no stranger to the fact that apples contain
massive amount of useful nutrients. Pectin in apples helps rid the body of toxic
chemicals that come from your environment and contaminated foods, so adding it to
your green juice can help give it the extra backing it needs to do its job.