3 Forms of Maqui Berry

The maqui berry is one of the newest in the recently discovered south american fruits.
Due to research over the last few years, science has been able to establish the
nutritional and even medicinal value of those mysterious fruit, with it now rivaling the
discovery of previous superfruit known as acai. As the demand for maqui grows,
innovations in how maqui is taken or added to food has changed massively. These new
forms of maqui contribute heavily to the convenience of use, and the versatility of
maqui, so the purpose of this article will be discussing the form in some detail.

Pill Supplement

It’s quite possible that the pill form is the most common and easily applied of the forms
of maqui, especially because people have become accustomed to encountering pill
supplements on a daily basis. This form is relatively self-explanatory, because taking a
pill requires no effort at all unless obtain water is an issue in your area. Pill can be
ordered online, and may be found in specialty stores on most areas. Price and content
may vary, as supplements aren’t as heavily regulated, so you need to do some research
to make sure that you have something that is an authentic and safe product.


One very popular way to add some nutritional value is often in the powder form. Protein
and nutrition shakes have employed the powder delivery system for several decades
and remains a part of the popular consciousness. This can be a great option for people
who would like to mix the maqui berry with other fruits and don’t have access to the
fresh fruit. This make it accessible while keeping the company and consumer from
experiencing the loss that would be inherent in trying to ship large amount of the fresh
version of the fruit across water or land.


Another old world and consistently reliable way to add some benefits to your food and
drinks is through extracts. Extracts typically have a much longer shelf life and retain
potency. They require smaller dosages and can bring massive amounts of health
benefits to a variety of foods in many different ways, and all you need to do is open the
container and pour it into whatever you are planning to ingest that day. The only thing is
that heating can something degrade quality and potency so it is better to put it into raw