Ways to Use Maqui Berry

Maqui berry is a very old superfood that has been used for hundreds of years in
ceremony, and to promote health. With the leaps and bounds made by modern science,
we can now see the true benefit of these wonderful fruits from nature. Traditionally,
most people will simply eat these fruits, but as time marches on, enterprising people
have begun to engineer lots of ingenious ways to avail themselves of the richness in
health that these berries provide. The next few paragraphs will be exploring a few ways
to use maqui berries.

Eating It

One of the best ways to get the benefits from a fruit is to simply eat it. This is usually the
case because a whole fruit is likely to contain many of its best attributes when it’s eaten
in total, including the skin and flesh. You can always make yourself a nice fruit salad
and eat it with a spoon. Fruit salads are great and give you a fresh way to eat a group of
awesome fruit together. It’s also never a bad idea to sneak some mild veggies into the
mix, so if you want to really make it easy you can toss some awesome arrangement of
healthy stuff into a blender with the maqui and you’ll have a power packed smoothie.

Juicing It

Juicing has become a very popular way to eat the plant based foods that people eat. It
gives a lot of people faster access to the benefits of their favorite fruits and vegetables,
and can soften the distaste for certain vegetables. The only issue with juicing is that it’s
very likely to waste some important parts of the vegetables and leave you with only a
portion of the most beneficial
Vitamins, so you may still have to use supplemental additions to your juice to make up
for what was lost.

Pill Forms

In this modern day, many drugs and supplements now come in a pill form that can be
taken very easily in nearly any situation. Pill forms of maqui berry can be found
available in online stores, and you can choose from a wide variety of pills to suit your
needs. Just be sure to do your due diligence to protect yourself from companies that
use lots of fillers instead of the proper product. Look for certified organic products
because they are more likely to be the real stuff.