What is Maqui Berry

There are hundreds of different types of popular foods that people push as miracle
foods for your health, but there are a much smaller number of foods that usually seem
to go relatively unnoticed. If you’ve never heard of the maqui berry, that’s probably
because it’s a somewhat rare fruit from south America. For hundreds of years, the
Mapuche people have used the berry for it’s amazing effects. Today, maqui berries are
also sold in other forms like pills and powders for use as supplements. The following
article will be exploring some of the ways it can help people.


The maqui berry is extremely high in antioxidants called anthocyanins, which means
that it can be very beneficial to consume. Antioxidants can help you to stay young,
protect from cancer, and can relieve certain types of stresses on the body, which allows
it to heal. It even can protect you on a cellular level, because it protects the body from
damage to DNA, which is essential because your body needs to be able to read correct
DNA information to know how to build your newly created cells properly. Poorly built
cells lead to premature aging and skin disorders.

How to Use Maqui

This wonderful fruit can be used in a variety of ways. You can add maqui to your
smoothies to beef up on the antioxidant power of your breakfast, or you can choose to
buy it in a powdered form so you can add it to all sorts of blended delights like breakfast
cereals and meal replacement shakes. If you want to get extra ambitious, you can even
use it to sweeten certain sauces without changing the flavor majorly. One things can be
for certain is that you will be doing yourself a huge favor by making maqui part of your

Small Concerns

While maqui is entirely natural and there are very few things that can be done to make it
dangerous, it should be noted that taking maqui with certain types of medications like
diabetes medications can lower your blood sugar to the point where the body could
experience some ill effects. It would be best to consult a medical professional about
maqui, and have them monitor your reactions and changes in your blood. A small
amount of preparation and care will make sure that your experience with maqui stay
safe and beneficial.