Plant-Based Tips for Beginners

Are you just starting a plant-based diet, or in the process of doing your research? If so,
you have come to the right place. You are going to learn some of the best tips for
beginners, which will help you make the transition from a traditional diet to one that is
more plant-based.

Plant-Based Foods You Already Love

Before you begin to change your diet too much, make a list of plant-based foods that
you already love. This helps a lot with the transition to a fully plant-based diet. Get out a
piece of paper and a pen, and write down any plant-based foods that are part of your
current diet.

This might include always eating a banana before your workout, enjoying salads with
your lunch, or maybe you are a big fan of potatoes or rice next to your main dish. Make
a list of all plant-based foods you like to eat, including:

Beans and Legumes
Nuts and Seeds
Whole Grains

Adding in Whole, Plant-Based Foods to Each Meal

Another easy step for beginners is to start adding more whole foods to each of your
meals and snacks. For example, if you typically eat eggs for breakfast, don’t replace
them yet. First, have your eggs, but add some spinach and mushrooms to them to make
a scramble, or have some fruit on the side. Continue eating your burger and fries, but
maybe switch to a black bean burger, veggie burger, or something like Beyond Meat.
Everything else can be the same for now, just switching out the meat itself.

Going Meatless One Step at a Time

When you feel ready to start reducing meat in your diet, try just one meal at a time, or
one day at a time. If you tend to eat less meat during breakfast or lunch, then that is a
good place to start with being meatless and adding more plant-based options. When
you go a few weeks with a fully plant-based breakfast, you can then start adding more
plant-based lunches, dinners, or snacks.

You may also want one meatless day a week at first, such as Meatless Monday.
Commit to no meat or animal products every Monday, then if you enjoy it, you can
slowly add in more days.

Protein is Not King of All Food

Protein seems to be the concern of everyone who is concerned about eating less eggs,
meat, and cheese, but trust me, it is not the end all, be all of healthy food. Yes, protein
is important, but it isn’t everything. It is also much easier to get from plant-based foods
than you might think.

Foods like nuts and seeds, beans, many whole grains, tofu, and a lot of the whole grain
breads you eat probably have a good source of protein. If you are not completely vegan,
eating eggs on occasion and adding Greek yogurt to your diet will also get you more

If you still feel like you are lacking, try a protein supplement like adding a scoop of
collagen or protein powder to your morning smoothie.