Finding The Best Form Of Exercise For Weight Loss

People struggle to lose weight and keep weight off once it is lost. Dieting is by far the most common method people use to lose pounds, but sometimes it is not enough, or the weight mounts back up once the diet is finished.

A good way to lose weight and keep it from being regained is with a plan of exercise; regular exercise helps the body to burn calories that would otherwise be converted to fat. There are so many options for exercise that there is something to suit everyone; however it can be difficult to find the best form of weight loss for the individual.

It is important when choosing an exercise program to consider the age and physical fitness of the exerciser; those with significant weight problems, or those who have a sedentary lifestyle, may be better off with a non-weight bearing exercise such as swimming or using an exercise bike.

Walking is an excellent way to begin losing weight and improving physical fitness. Walking helps those who are too unfit to be able to exercise strenuously, and has tremendous health benefits: a brisk walk of 30 minutes a day can help to lessen the risk of heart attacks by around 50%.

Swimming is perhaps the best form of exercise for weight loss, and like walking helps to improve fitness; it also builds muscle, which helps the body to burn more calories, even when resting. Swimming is also an excellent slimming aid for people who may have trouble walking or performing aerobic exercise. A regular routine of swimming can help improve the general health and fitness of the exerciser.

Exercise machines are a popular method of improving fitness, and for the person with access to them are superb methods of losing weight through exercise. The treadmill, stationary bike or cross-trainer are all good at burning calories – studies have suggested that the treadmill is the most effective, with the exercise bike much lower than might be expected – the latter, however, can support the weight of a heavier person, reducing the impact of exercise.

Running is probably the single best form of exercise for weight loss; by itself it can increase general physical health and reduce stress and the risk of heart attacks and diabetes. Running should be combined with a strength or resistance training program to get the greatest benefits of both calorie burning and stamina and muscle building. Running a few days a week will help weight loss and encourage fitness.

Exercising is perhaps the single best thing that anyone can do to improve their health. Even people with long-term chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or arthritis, can benefit from regular exercise. On a regular basis it improves the mental condition, helps the body to recover faster, and boosts the health. For people with diabetes, for example, the best form of exercise for weight loss can also help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, and ease problems such as joint pain; it will also help with better control of the condition, boosting health.