How Can I Lose Weight In A Day Or Two

How can I lose weight in a day or two was the question I asked my diet guru last week. While he explained that it is not really possible to lose many pounds in 48 hours, you can fool other people into thinking you have lost excess weight.

We can become bloated either due to fluid retention or gas. Fluid retention may be as a result of your period being due or you have overindulged in salty foods. Gas can be caused by a number of factors but almost always causes your stomach to become distended thus making you appear fatter than you actually are.

To beat bloating try drinking two glasses of hot water the night before your special day. Combine this with a gentle laxative to help deal with any constipation. It would be better for you to have tried taking laxatives prior to this event as some people can overdose really easily and spend all of their time in the loo. Not the ideal scenario when the result you were aiming for was thin and sophisticated.

On the morning of the day you need to look really thin, have some more hot water and another gentle laxative. Laxatives are not a long term answer to weight loss and you need to be careful as they can become addictive. But if you are suffering from constipation and bloating, an odd one now and again will not cause any harm. If you suffer a lot from constipation or other bowel problems you should see your doctor to rule out any illnesses.

Be realistic when asking how can I lose weight in a day or two. Cutting out alcohol and fizzy drinks will help as will reducing your wheat intake but nothing is going to make you drop 10 pounds. Instead try fooling your friends into thinking you have lost weight.

Go to your local store and invest in some Spanx. Celebrities are known to wear this fantastic underwear at red carpet events as they can hold in virtually any tummy or other offending body part. The best thing is that you do not need a celebrity’s bank account to fund the purchase.

Make sure you pick an outfit that flatters the figure you have and not the one you wish you had. Ask a trusted friend for their honest opinion. We often end up looking fatter than we are as we wear the wrong clothes.

Stand up straight and pull in your stomach. Practice doing this and you will look slimmer. When you go out on the special occasion skip the pre-dinner nibbles and the bread. Eat something that is easy to digest and skip dessert unless it is a sorbet. Finish your meal with mint tea to aid the digestion process and you should be able to avoid any bloating.

How can I lose weight in a day or two is not an easy question to answer but you may have some new ideas now!