Low Carb Diet Food Can Be Delicious

I know that you don’t think low carb diet food can be delicious but it can if you just take a little extra time and effort in the preparation.

Under this style of weight loss plan, every meal should consist of at least 50% vegetables. You will probably need to educate your palate as most of us don’t normally eat this many. But, prepared correctly, vegetables can be extremely tasty. The key is not to boil them into mush but to gently steam so you preserve the taste as well as the nutrients.

The recommended intake for fruit and vegetables is currently five a day in most countries. But scientists and doctors usually suggest that we try and eat more than that. For illness prevention, better skin and longer life, try eating double the suggested quantities. Don’t think boring salads but add spice and variety using different combinations of these super foods.

Carrots are particularly powerful as they detoxify the body. A diet high in beans and pulses help people to live longer. Tins of baked beans are good for you, just opt for the no sugar or low sugar varieties. If you want to increase your chances of beating cancer, eat Brussels sprouts and not just at Christmas. Peppers in all colors are full of vitamin C and also contain vital anti-oxidants. Spinach fights heart disease and age related blindness. Blueberries should be included where possible due to their anti-oxidant level. You can combine blueberries with other berries, a low fat yogurt and some almond milk in a smoothie to give you a powerful start to your day.

Make time for breakfast every morning and cook yourself some old fashioned oatmeal. You can sweeten it with some fruit spread if you can’t bear the taste. Just make sure that the spread doesn’t contain any hidden sugars. We need complex carbohydrates in order for our bodies to function properly.

The carbs we can do without are the ones that release energy really quickly. These are found in processed foods such as white bread, pasta and rice as well as in cakes, biscuits, candy and all the other foods we all love to indulge in on occasion. If you must eat cake, make sure it is homemade as it will contain less hidden sugars and bad fats.

On the subject of fat, you need to include some in your eating plan although you are on a diet. Fats make our food taste a lot better and are essential for the body to work properly. If you do not get sufficient monosaturated (good) fats, you will feel miserable and are likely to fall off your diet very quickly.

You need to exercise as well. You will not lose weight as fast as you could unless you increase your levels of physical activity. You also need to include a little protein with every meal. It will help to keep your energy levels stable which should decrease the snack cravings. Low carb diet food allows you to eat well and not feel deprived. You cannot say that with most weight loss plans.