A Deeper Look at the Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress that you may be using now to fall into a deep slumber had a very interesting origin. Would you like to know how come someone thought of that concept? Or you may not have the time to think about it because once your body lies on the bed, you instantly doze of because of the comfort that this type gives you.

Did you know that the memory foam was first used in a spacecraft? The reason for this was actually far from getting the spacecraft’s passengers to fall asleep. No, it didn’t aim for the astronauts to have a good night’s rest in space. They were not sent there in the first place only to find out if it’s possible to do so considering the environment.

It was used by NASA to protect the carrier and the astronauts inside from the vast buildup of the G force that it would endure during the liftoff process. The foam was specifically used by NASA because such foam softens and shapes accordingly to the human body when exposed to heat and the weight of people. It acts like a cocoon that protects everyone aboard from the tremors and everything else that may be experienced during the process.

This memory foam is visco-elastic. This means that when the astronauts disassociate themselves from the foam, this will return to its original shape. The name was actually derived from the foam’s viscosity. Just like a liquid, this material seems to remember what its shape was. It straightens out to its former appearance once everything has been taken cared of.

From the Space to Your Homes
What the NASA had in space was well crafted to suit people’s cravings for a good night’s rest. For sure, you have been subjected to beds that may be too soft or too hard for comfort. Instead of feeling well rested after you have slept, you will feel muscle pains and other aches in your body due to the fact that you were uncomfortable in the whole time of your slumber.

It is getting harder and harder to find a suitable bed that you can fit into. Some offer comfort. But you will soon find out that you have been fooled because you’ve experience far from what it had promised. For such reason and so much more, it is better to invest on a material that will endure your weight while giving you the kind of comfort that you are always looking forward to come nighttime and it’s time to go to bed.

This was the memory foam type of mattress tried to solve. After you have laid down on it and the mattress had adjusted to your weight and heat, it will automatically adjust to accommodate you better. It will continue doing so as you toss and turn during the night. This way, you will feel more relaxed and well rested when you wake up the next day.

You can also request the manufacturer to have your memory foam mattress custom made. This will be applicable if you have someone to share the bed with you and you don’t have same preferences with regards to the softness or hardness of your mattress.

For this purpose, you can ask to have different densities of foam placed on each side of the bed to give in to what both you and your partner like to be able to sleep tight at night.