How to Buy a Memory Foam Mattress

You have probably seen it on television or the in store and have heard great reviews about it from friends. Chances are, you already want one of these at home. The only question you have to answer now is, how do you buy a memory foam mattress?

Lots of companies have come out with their own version of the memory foam mattress. When you are looking for the right one, make sure that foam used is of high density so that it will be able to support your body properly.

Foams vary depending on density. The cheap version is about 2 to 3 pounds in density. The mid grade is 3 to 4.5 pounds while the expensive one is about 5.3 to 6.2 pounds. Although it costs a bit more, it offers the best support for the human body.

Aside from the weight, don’t forget to check the layers in the memory foam mattress. This must have at least 2 to 3 layers of urethane foam. This helps distribute the weight of the frame and also the life of the mattress.

You should also check the memory foam mattress if it is really temperature sensitive. You can tell if the mattress melts away from the pressure of your weight. After a few minutes, your body temperature should be able to affect the material causing it to soften further. If this doesn’t happen, then you better look somewhere else.

When you buy a memory foam mattress, read the warranty so there won’t be any problems. Some companies give 10 year or lifetime warranties on the product but if they have only been in the business for a short while, that will be worthless if something should happen.

It will be better to ask if they have a trial period that you can avail of. This will allow you to return it if you are not satisfied with the product.

Given that the memory foam mattress has been around for some time, don’t forget to check the price of these items online. You might be surprised to find the same one at a lower price.

There are other things you can buy that use the same material as the memory foam mattress. You can probably use this in the car, when you play certain sports, carry delicate items like a laptop or for your MP3 player.

For those who can’t afford to buy a memory foam mattress, they can check if their budget will be able to land them a topper. This is thinner than the mattress which you put over your existing mattress so you are still able to get some comfort.

One other thing you have to know about the memory foam mattress is that it acts like sponge meaning it absorbs liquids quickly. You wouldn’t want that to happen as this could damage it so try to get one that is water proof so this will never happen.

Now that you know how to buy a memory foam mattress, the only thing you have to do now is go out there and get one. There are those who say that the price of these in the market will go down further in the future as new models are being released so there will come a time that everyone will be able to afford it.