Connecting with Nature on Your Spiritual Journey

When you are on a spiritual journey, one thing you will notice is that you feel more
drawn to things that are close to nature. You might stop wanting to eat meat, be drawn
to spending more time outside, or start using things from the earth’s surface like
crystals, herbs, and flowers. Whatever the case may be, connecting with nature while
on a spiritual journey can be a really powerful thing and help you feel closer to the

Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

You will notice that many people who start working on their spiritual growth spend a lot
of time in nature or use items from nature. Why is that? Because mother earth helps
you feel more connected to your own spirit and soul, and the universe itself. Here are
some benefits of connecting and spending more time in nature while on a spiritual

It quiets the mind – Nature really helps to clear and quiet the mind. Whether you have
been feeling anxious lately or you simply want to meditate more on your spiritual
journey, the peaceful calm you get when you are outside among the trees and birds and
insects and grass is so healing.

It provides grounding – If you need a little grounding while on your spiritual journey, you
need to go outside and put your feet on the earth. With your bare feet on dirt, grass, or
stones, you feel connected with the universe and can ease stress, anxiety, and fears
that might be blocking your spiritual channels.

Nature allows you to tap into your intuition – You might also find that the more time you
spend in nature, the more intuitive you become. This is because there is less noise of
the city or distractions at home. While you are in nature, things are calm and quiet. You
can actually look within and find your natural intuitive instincts and learn how to listen to

Easy Ways to Connect with Nature

The good news is that it is really easy to connect with nature. You just need to find a
spot near you where it is calm and safe, whether that is a local park, a forest or wooded
area in your town, or even the garden right in your back yard. Others prefer areas lik the
mountains or the ocean when it comes to connecting with nature.

Here are some things to do when you want to connect with nature while on a spiritual

Go on a mindful walk or hike
Meditate while sitting outside in a quiet and calm place
Spend time tending to your garden
Do full or new moon rituals outside

Bring Nature Inside Your Home

If you live in the city and it isn’t easy to get outside, or you simply don’t have time to go
to a nearby wooded area or park, then you can bring nature inside your home. In fact,
this is a great tip for everyone, even if you do spend a lot of time outside.

Consider starting a collection of indoor plants that you can tend to and soak up their
natural beauty. This will also help to cleanse and detox the air and energy inside your
home. You may also want to pick wildflowers to bring inside, or get a new flower
bouquet every few weeks to bring home.