How to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are spiritual entities that help guide you through life. Some guides you are
born with and others decide to join your life path at some point during your life. There
are many different types of guides, including angels, spirits, and even ancestors of
yours that have passed.

They are always there to help and guide you, sending you signs and interventions when
it is needed. But you can also connect with your guides to ask for their guidance if you
need a little extra help. Here are some ways to connect with your spirit guides.

Signs of Your Spirit Guides’ Presence

It can help to first understand when a spirit guide is nearby and what signs they might
be sending you. Spirit guides don’t speak using words and you will rarely, if ever,
actually see them. Most of the time, you only know they are there because of the
different signals they send you. While there can definitely be more signs, here are some
common signals sent from spirit guides:

* You suddenly feel tingles, a chill, or a wave of heat come over you.
* The air changes, including gusts of wind directed at you.
* You notice number synchronicities, like 11:11 or 555.
* You suddenly feel euphoric, calm, and relaxed for no other reason.
* A symbol keeps appearing to you, like seeing rainbows, butterflies, or spiders
everywhere you turn.
* You continue seeing the same color everywhere, without looking for it.
* You randomly have a thought or idea come into your head.

Start Meditating Every Day

The first way to start connecting with your spirit guides is to meditate. You need to clear
your mind and start trusting your intuition, but first to do that you must meditate. Most
spiritual people will recommend meditating, and it can seem a little repetitive, but that is
because of how powerful and healing it is.

Meditation allows you to become more enlightened and tap into the spiritual part of
yourself. It blocks out all the noise and distractions of everyday life, and helps you see
with your third eye. This is needed in order to communicate with your spirit guides.

Become More Mindful to Look for the Signs

After you start connecting with your spirit guides and asking them questions, you then
need to look for the sigsn of them answering you. If you are closed off from everything
around you and don’t pay attention, you will probably miss them. These signs are meant
for you, but if you are not mindful, you aren’t going ot see them.

Start practicing being more mindful during different moments of the day when you used
to just go through the motions. This might be while walking your dog, taking a shower,
eating a meal, or driving to work. These moments are perfect opportunities to practice
being present and really focusing on everything you experience in that moment.

Ask Your Spirit Guides a Question

As you connect more with your spirit guides, you can then ask them questions. Asking a
question is actually a good way to connect them. It lets them know you know they are
there and appreciate their guidance. Ask something simple of them, either to yourself or
out loud. You can write it down on a piece of paper or simply ask for something out

It does help to focus on what you want to ask first, whether during meditation or a quiet
visualization practice. Speak directly to your spirit guides and angels, and ask them
anything. It is important that you put all your faith and trust into the presence of your
spirit guides in order to get the signs back.