How to Protect Yourself From Negative Energies

There is energy all around you, no matter where you are, who you are with, and how
you might feel. There is both positive and negative energy, most of which is not even
recognized by people for what it is. But if you are an empath or simply overly sensitive
to other people’s emotions, you might need a little extra protection from negative energy
around you.

Set Healthy Boundaries

To protect yourself from any negative energies around you, you need to set some
boundaries. This might be actually vocalizing the boundaries to other people, physically
setting a boundary between you and toxic people, or just mentally and spiritually putting
your guard up.

One way to set boundaries is to have mental red flags that act as warnings for you to
avoid certain people or situations. If you have noticed that when you are in a room of
people gossiping or sharing drama about someone, your energy is deeply affected, then
you know to exit the situation as soon as possible. You have set this boundary for

Sometimes, people in your life are negative influences on your own energy, especially if
you are an empath, and you will need to have boundaries for those people. In other
cases, there are certain topics you tell your friends you don’t want to discuss.

Live a More Mindful Life

You can also protect yourself from negative energy around you by being more mindful.
Mindfulness allows you to stay present and look within for your own thoughts and
feelings, as opposed to looking outward. When you focus on yourself during any
moment, you are charged by your own energy and not the energy around you.

This is a way of renewing your own positive energy, and avoiding the possibly toxic
energy that might be circling around you.

Protect Yourself with Crystals

There are many crystals that you can use for protection spells and to keep negative
energy away from you. You want to choose crystals with natural protective properties
first, like black tourmaline, pyrite, obsidian, and clear quartz. Then you need to charge
the crystal you intend to use for protection with your intention. Whenever you will be
somewhere with different energies, bring this crystal with you, keeping the intention of
protection in mind as you use it.

Identify and Avoid the Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are people who tend to drain you of all your positive energy. They
don’t do it on purpose, but they tend to be the more toxic people around you. Some of
them do this completely subconsciously, where they just have habits that create
negative energy in your presence, or they like to ask too much of you and suck all your
energy. Other people are more malicious and have negative thoughts like jealousy,
bitterness, resentment, or envy that can also severely drain your good energy.

If you feel absolutely exhausted mentally and physically whenever you are around a
particular person, then you know they are an energy vampire and should probably be
avoided in the future.