How to Use Dream Work as a Spiritual Practice

Dream work is the term used when you take your dreams and not analyze their potential
meaning, but really explore trends and signs your dreams might be sending you. If you
are on a spiritual journey, this can actually be turned into one of your spiritual practices.

Dream work provides many benefits when it comes to spirituality, including helping you
to find the right path, see signs of your manifestations coming true, strengthen intuition,
and gain more clarity. Keep reading to find out how to use dream work as a spiritual

Try Not to Use Sleep Aides

Unfortunately, even if you have insomnia, sleep aides are probably not recommended.
This doesn’t mean you don’t have options, but you do want to avoid the sleep aides you
get over-the-counter, such as Benadryl or Tylenol PM. The ingredients can affect your
dreams, sometimes making them worse than normal, disrupting your signs in your
dreams, or keeping you from dreaming at all.

Instead, if you have trouble sleeping, look to more natural or spiritual remedies, such as
keeping healing crystals under your pillow, meditating before bed, or using natural aides
like melatonin or magnesium.

Set Intentions Before Bed

You can actually set intentions that you want to not only remember your dreams, but
also learn from them. Before you fall asleep, say to yourself that you will remember your
dreams, that you will have vivid dreams, and will find out important messages from
whatever you dream of. Say this a few times to yourself in whatever words you resonate
with, and keep that in mind as you drift off to sleep.

The more you do this, the more it will help you to stay aligned and have those important

Write Down All Your Dreams When You Wake Up

In addition to setting intentions before bed, you should also start keeping a dream
journal. This is a journal you use to write down details of your dreams, as soon as you
wake up. The sooner you write the details down, the more you will remember. Write
down everything you can recall, from where you were, to how you felt, what you saw,
what you experienced, absolutely everything.

Make a habit of doing this every morning when you wake up, and in the middle of the
night if you wake up from a particularly strong dream. Just like with setting intentions,
you will recall more from your dreams the longer you keep up with this habit.

Use Crystals for Dream Work

There are also some different crystals you can use to charge and set intentions with for
your dream work. These can be used before going to bed, sitting them next to your bed,
or even under your pillow. Here are some crystals that work very well for dream work:

Lucid dreaming – If you want to have more lucid dreams where you can actually control
what happens in the dream, us rainbow moonstone or white labradorite.

Peaceful dreams – If you have been struggling with nightmares lately, use clear quartz
for more peaceful dreams.

Opening up your third eye – When you want insightful dreams that bring you more
clarity, use amethyst under your pillow or near your bed.

Emotional healing – If you have a lot of stress or anxiety, keep citrine near you as you

Learn How to Analyze Your Dreams

And of course you want to learn how to analyze your dreams. There are many
resources that provide explanations for different symbols and themes that are recurring
in your dreams, such as seeing insects crawling on the walls or dreaming of a rabbit
consistently. But there are also some other tips for proper analyzing your own dreams.
These include:

Paying close attention to details and writing down everything you remember.
Considering how you felt, not just what you saw.
Asking yourself what you were thinking during your dreams. Were you happy or sad?
Did something scare you or excite you?
Looking for subtle clues or signs, like colors, animals, totems, or anything else that
keeps showing up.