Signs You Are Having a Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening is more than just being a spiritual person. It tends to be a more
intense and deeper level of spiritual awareness, right down to your soul. If you are
having a spiritual awakening, your consciousness is ascending much higher and more
drastically, which can lead to a lot of different signs of things changing.

Here are some common signs that you might be having a spiritual awakening, either
after a life-changing event, or through the process of spiritual growth.

You Feel “Off”

A common sign for having a spiritual awakening, and perhaps on of the first things you
will notice, is when you just feel off. Many people who are going through something
spiritually will start to just not feel like themselves. This can be very subtle or intense,
depending on your own experience and what triggered the spiritual awakening.

For some people, you simply feel a little more detached. Maybe your energy has
shifted, and the things you once enjoyed, you can’t seem to connect with anymore. This
can also be related to the people in your life, where that connection just doesn’t feel as
strong as it once did.

For others, it is a more intense disconnection and even disassociation from your old life.
You may start to have completely new beliefs that are polar opposites from what you
used to have faith in, you feel a deep disconnection from your own body, or your life in

You Become More Intuitive

Another very common sign of spiritual changes in your life is when you begin to be more
intuitive. Again, this isn’t always obvious or intense in the beginning. It can happen very
slowly. For example, you might start getting this gut instinct that a person in your circle
is going through a difficult time. You have absolutely no real evidence of this and they
have not discussed it with you or anyone else, you just have this feeling.

So, you either pay more attention to their activities or you ask them if something is
wrong. They might tell you they are dealing with something, but hadn’t told anyone yet
and didn’t realize it was so obvious. Things like this will probably happen more often,
where you become more empathetic and just pick up on other energies you never did

Your Spiritual Beliefs Begin to Change

A more obvious sign is that your spiritual beliefs start to shift. Even if you weren’t a
religious person before, you might now believe more in something spiritual, that there is
more than what meets the eye. It could be that you were always very practical and if
science couldn’t show evidence of something, it was impossible, but now your mind is
open to more possibilities. This is proof of your third eye beginning to open, which often
happens during spiritual awakenings.

You Start Having Vivid Dreams

There are many reasons why you might be having more vivid dreams, so if this is the
only thing happening, it might not be from a spiritual awakening. However, in
combination with other signs, it can definitely be an indicator. Vivid dreams come in
many forms, but typically you are more aware of what is going on. You can see details
in people’s faces, suddenly dream in color, or might even have lucid dreams where you
can control what happens in the dream.

You Find Inner Peace

Lastly, you may start to find more inner peace. This is often exhibited through how you
feel about certain things in your life. If something used to bother you greatly and cause
a lot of emotional stress when it happened, like something as simple as a flat tire on
your way to work, you might find it doesn’t phase you anymore.

Not that you aren’t annoyed by the inconvenience, but it doesn’t cause the extreme
emotional reaction it once did. This is because you are starting to elevate to a higher
vibration and can see what things in life are minimal and really not worth getting upset