How To Get A Google Adwords Promotional Code

Google often provides a Google Adwords promotional code through web hosting companies, banks or other entities who frequently deal with online businesses.

These codes offer credits to businesses when they sign up for the service. You can get a Google Adwords promotional code from other places, particularly online vendors who partner with Google. GoDaddy and BlueHost are two vendors who offer the promotions, and sometimes they are available directly from Google itself.

Naturally, Google is anxious for you to try out their program, and most businesses these days are trying to save money wherever possible, so the Google Adwords promotional codes work well all around.

In order to get your code to work, you’ll need to set up an Adwords account. If you already have an account, you probably can’t use the code, since they are generally meant only for brand new accounts.

• Browse over to the Adwords homepage at
• Click on the button that says, “Start Now”
• Create an Adwords account by following the steps in the sign up wizard.
• After you have an account established, sign in.
• Click on the tab labeled “My Account.”
• Click on the button labeled “Billing Preferences.”
• When asked for billing information to activate your account, you’ll get to the third step. There you’ll find the field where you can enter the 12 digit promotional code. If you received a URL with the code, then go to the URL first, and you can leave the code field blank. Your promotional credit is applied to the account automatically.
• Click on the button labeled “Continue,” and you’ll be prompted to enter the rest of your billing information.
• Clicking on “Activate” will complete the setup process.

There are some caveats to remember when using a Google Adwords promotional code. First, they are meant for new advertisers only. They’re only good for 14 days after creating the account, or until the credit is exhausted, whichever comes first.

If the promotional credit runs out, you will start being charged for the campaigns you’ve set up. (That’s why they still want your complete billing information, of course.)

If you’re not prepared to pay, or you don’t think it’s working out for the time being, go into your account and click on the “Pause” feature for your campaigns.

Naturally, you can’t combine a Google Adwords promotional code with another promotional code or any other offer from Google. As it says in the fine print, “limit one per customer.”
The code is usually only valid for two weeks after you create the Adwords account, so be sure to get started right away with your campaign.

It’s a good idea to check with Google if there is a service or other online company that is offering you a Google Adwords promotional code in exchange for signing up with their service. Be sure Google has a relationship with them before you grab that offer.

If you get a code out of the blue from a company you’ve never worked with, be skeptical – the code may not be valid.