5 Reasons Why You Should Host Affiliate Contests

If you run an affiliate program, you want to reward your current affiliates for doing a job well-done. On that same note, you want to bring attention to your affiliate program and get new online agents to signup. How do you do that? With contests designed especially for your affiliates.

As great as it is to hear that contests can generate interest in your affiliate program and reward your top affiliates, you may wonder how and why? What is it that makes these events so successful? If you need proof that affiliate contests do work, continue reading on for five benefits.

1 – You Have a Wide Range of Options

Affiliate contests come in all different formats. You have the freedom to decide what type of affiliates you want to reward. Do you want to give a prize to those who participate the most in the message board community? Do you want to pay the top earning or most improved affiliate a bonus? You can. Bonuses and monetary compensation are not the only prizes available. You sell a product; consider giving it away as a prize or choose a popular electronics device, like a computer or Blu-Ray player.

2 – They Are Easy

Hosting a contest for your affiliates may seem like a lot of hard work, but it very easy. It all depends on the type of contest you hold. Do you want to reward the most active participants in the community forum? You will see how many posts each member has. Opt for the member with the most posts or the most detailed responses. Do you want to reward the top earning affiliate? Just use your software to find that person and there you go! The hardest part of hosting an affiliate contests is determining and writing out your rules; the rest is easy.

3 – They Motivate Your Affiliates

The biggest reason why you should give affiliate contests a chance is because of the motivation it provides. Do you have 50 affiliates, but only 10 that are actively promoting your products? If so, the others joined your program, so they are interested. It is just that they may need a push or extra encouragement. Offer a great prize in a contest and you will see results. These results should include an improvement in performance, productivity, and sales.

4 – They Improve Your Sales

Speaking of improved sales, they are the greatest benefit of hosting affiliate contents. As previously stated, contests motivate people. They like to get rewarded for a job well-done or just have the chance to win something for free. Your affiliates should put forth the extra effort to market your website or products. They do so hoping they will be the contest winner. The result, no matter what, is increased sales for you.

5 – Word Spreads

Online, it is easy to see that home-based workers talk a lot on message boards. They share moneymaking tips, tricks, and warning with each other. If your affiliate wins a contest you held, they are likely to talk about it online. This can help to bring in new affiliates. No all program managers host contests. New affiliates will like that they get paid and have a chance to earn additional bonuses.

As you can see, there are many reasons why and benefits to hosting contests for you affiliates. If you haven’t started yet, give it a try. Chances are you will receive positive feedback from your team members.