Areas to Cover During Affiliate Training

If you want to start an affiliate program to increase product sales, you have a big task in front of you. It isn’t necessarily getting a program up and running that is the hard part. There are third-party affiliate hosting websites and affiliate tracking software that will do the work for you. Your biggest challenge will come with training new affiliates.

Even if your affiliate program website is properly setup and easy to navigate, it is still important to train your new affiliates. Don’t assume they are masters of affiliate marketing and promoting. They may be new the world of making money online; your program may be the first opportunity they came across and decided to try. Plus, even seasoned internet users run into problems or complications that require help. To reduce complications and confusion later on, take the time to train your new affiliates.

What is nice about affiliate training, is the options you have. You do not need to host an in-person seminar. In fact, that may be impossible to do. You likely have affiliates from all across the country. Instead, rely on instant messaging programs, email, video conferences, and the phone to train your team members.

When it comes to training new affiliates, you want to cover many topics. One off those is finding graphics to use. With most affiliate programs, you give your affiliates code embedded links, banners, and product pictures. They find these on the program website then copy and paste into their website. It is a very easy process, but one that affiliates may not understand. Walk all new affiliates through the process of browsing and searching for these graphics, talk them through the process of getting them to show on their websites, and so forth. You only need to do this once or twice for each new member. Overtime, they will be able to perform this task easily.

Next, it is important to cover the rules and restrictions of your program. In fact, if you do not have a terms and condition contract that all affiliate agreed to, create one now. This is where you will highlight any restrictions you have. Are affiliates prohibited from using their links to make personal purchases? State so. Do you prohibit your affiliates from discussing compensation with others? State so. Make sure this information is always viewable on your website, but clearly state the rules and restrictions of your program for all new members.

As you know, there is much more to making money with affiliate programs than putting affiliate links on a website. The best way to make money with affiliate links and products is to have a well marketed website. If your affiliate has banners bearing your company image, will anyone see them? Not if they don’t do some marketing. A well-marketed website also increases your profits, as it should lead to more sales. Incorporate internet marketing into your training. Talk your affiliates through a few marketing tactics and emphasize the direct connection between internet marketing making money.

Most importantly, cover payment in your training. This information should also be clearly outlined on your website. Don’t give your affiliates the chance to be confused or start a fuss. In training, tell and show your affiliates how they make money. Then, explain how much money they make, when they can get paid, and so forth.