Getting Affiliates to Use Your Banners

You run an affiliate program. You collaborate with other website owners. Most of these websites are content driven websites. They place affiliate banners or text links throughout the pages. Each time a click generates a sale, the affiliate makes money. Affiliate programs are great concepts. Everyone involved wins. Unfortunately, you may run into a problem. That problem is affiliates who do not display your banners and text links.

As previously stated, an affiliate makes money each time a banner or another tracked link on their website or blog generates a sale. They have some control over how much money they make. So, why would some affiliates join your program and not use your banners and links? There are many reasons.

It may be too hard. What many internet users do not understand is that not everyone is on the same level. You can easily navigate a website, build a website from scratch, and copy and paste a few HTML codes, but not everyone can. Right now, many people want to work from home. They are jumping on the affiliate bandwagon. These individuals create a website or blog. Unfortunately, when some go to place affiliate banners and links, they find it too difficult. These inexperienced internet users often toss up their hands and say “oh well.” They then move on to the next moneymaking opportunity.

When this occurs, your first though may be to say “good riddance.” After all, if someone cannot copy and paste a few codes, how are they going to run and market a website? Don’t think this way. We all have to start from somewhere. Today, some of the best website owners and affiliates are those who started in the business on a whim or small chance it may work out. Luckily for them, it did. You may find some of these individuals in the bunch. How do you rectify the situation? Make it easier for affiliates to get links. Ensure the system is easy to navigate. Then, give them a step-by-step guide. This guide should include how to login to the system, browse or search for affiliate links, copy and paste them on their website or blog.

The lack of participation from new affiliates may have to do with money. Affiliate programs come in a different shapes and sizes. Some affiliates earn a varying percentage from each sale generated, while others earn a flat fee. Regardless, make sure you are providing your affiliates with fair compensation. This benefits everyone involved. If you can’t increase your commission, opt for unique approaches, like hosting contests. Give an extra $25 or $50 to the top performing or most improved affiliate. This incentive not only provides an extra push, it may help to compensate for the small commission.

Another reason why some website or blog owners join and affiliate program and don’t use the links is because they are lazy. It is as simple as that. In this aspect, there is not much that you can do. Now, it is time to think about yourself. In fact, create a deadline. Give each affiliate one month to add your banners to their websites or else you will terminate the partnership. This provides the extra push to get it done. When each member applies to be an affiliate, they provide you with their website address, visit the website. Don’t see your banners or links on there? Send on reminder email. If after that, they don’t take action, terminate the partnership.

As you can see, there are many reasons why some internet users apply for affiliate programs and stop there. They do not do anything else. They don’t place your banners on their website and they don’t ask for help. Give it a couple of chances, but don’t waste your time. There are plenty of website and blog owners who genuinely love what they do and want to actively participate in affiliate programs. Spend your time coaching and encouraging these individuals, they are where the profit is.