How and Why To Support Good Affiliates

If you operate an affiliate program, you want to provide your affiliates with help and support. The better they do, the more sales you make. With that said, you should focus on some certain individuals. Who are they? Your good affiliates.

First, it is important to look at the standard definition of good. Those that bring in many sales are automatically good. They fall into this category. You want to give them everything, within reason, that they need to keep generating sales. This may include new graphics. With that said, also consider the potentially good affiliates. These individuals need help, but have the potential to become big moneymakers. For example, they may have a well-designed website and good ad placement, but are not actively marketing their website.

For your affiliates that fall into the potentially good category, provide many tips. Most are now just learning the ropes of affiliate programs, internet sales, and internet marketing. They are spending a lot of their own time researching the ins and outs. Make it easier for them. Have information available online for them to read. This information can include how-to guides on your website, links to other websites, or downloadable eBooks. Show your affiliates with potential how to market a website, how to improve ad placement, the importance of both, and so forth.

For your potentially good affiliates, make sure someone is available to answer their questions and provide support. This is needed when dealing with those just learning the ropes. Yes, you need to devote a lot of time into helping, but the payoff should be worth it in the end. If someone has a good website, but needs help marketing that website, ensure they get the help. Whether it be with marketing, ad placement, or uploading coded graphics, ensure your affiliates with potential are never left to fend for themselves. You don’t want them to pack up and leave.

Also for the potentially good affiliates, review their websites. This is someone who you noticed increased his or her sales, but then seemed to hit a roadblock. You have access to their website or sales page. Visit it, look around, and make notes. Contact that affiliate. Tell them you want to help them improve their earnings. Mention you viewed their website and give a few helpful suggestions. Remember, they earn money by generating sales for you, which increases your own personal profits. When taking this approach, don’t focus only on the bad. Give suggestions for improvement, like with banner placement, but compliment them on something good too.

For good affiliates, pick their brains. Ask them for suggestions. Don’t wait for them to come to you, as some won’t. You might assume a top earning affiliate couldn’t do more to increase their sales, but they likely have hundreds of ideas floating around in their head. Ask. They may want you to have more uploadable graphics or links to individual products. They may wish it was easier to search for banners than having to browse through 30 pages. Not only take their suggestions, but try to implement them. Your top earning affiliates generate big sales for you. Ensure they are happy and stay onboard.

The best way to support both good affiliates and those with potential is to offer rewards. Make sure these affiliates are recognized for their hard work. If you can’t afford to raise their commission levels permanently, do a short-term increase, a one-time bonus, or use their name in a company newsletter.