The Dos and Don’ts of Hosting an Affiliate Program Contest

If you run an affiliate program, you know the importance of motivation. Some of your affiliates will try their hardest no matter what. On the other hand, some need motivation. What can you do to motivate them? Host many contests.

When it comes to hosting contests for your affiliates, you have many options. If this is your first time hosting an affiliate contest, please continue reading on for a list of dos and don’ts.

DO advertise your contests. Contests serve as motivation for affiliates. They are more willing to put that extra foot forward if they know they are rewarded for their hard work. For a contest to work and improve affiliate moral, your affiliates must know about it. Highlight your contest on your affiliate program’s website, in a company newsletter, or through emails.

DON’T forget to clearly state the contest rules and restrictions. For example, if you are rewarding the most improved affiliate, describe how you will select that individual. Is it the affiliate who sees the bigger increase in sale frequency or do you want to base your winner on the highest dollar amount of sales? Outline the prize, whether it be a special mention in an affiliate program newsletter or $25.

DO host contests and as often as possible. The more contests you hold, the more results you will see. For example, affiliates are more likely to work harder when they know they have the chance to win compensation every two months, as opposed to once a year. In terms of affiliate contests, it is best to opt for short-term results.

DON’T focus on the same individuals month after month. This is most commonly seen with rewarding the highest earning affiliates. They tend to fluctuate between one or two individuals. Mix it up a little bit. In fact, offer a few contests aimed at new affiliates. These are the ones that truly need the extra push and something to strive for. Occasionally, offer a contest for the new affiliate who generated the most sales or the most improved affiliate.

DO share tips on how to improve sales. You want to do more than just say “We have a contest for the most improved and top earning affiliates.” Underneath the mention of your contests and above the various rules and restrictions, provide tips. These tips can help your beginners. Not only can it improve their chances to win a contest, but these tips should automatically increase the affiliate earnings. Share tips on internet marketing and stress the direct link between increased commissions and well-marketed websites. Focus on add placement. All links and banners above the fold are likely to get more clicks.

DON’T forget to recognize those who won contests. At the close of a contest, you may just pay the winner their extra $25. Do more than that. List the contest winner on your website or in a company newsletter. For starters, it improves moral. The winner of the contest would have been pleased with the extra $25, but having their name published now gives them pride. They know you and other affiliates appreciate their hard work. Finally, newcomers to your program want to see proof that the contests are legitimate. New affiliates who can see a list of past contest winners and know that you do deliver the prize are more likely to put forth that extra effort.

DO think outside-of-the-box, in terms of contest themes. As previously stated, popular contests for affiliates include the most improved affiliate and the top earning affiliate. These are good, but remember there is more to running and making money through an affiliate program. In the above mentioned tip section, it was stated that high traffic websites and good add placement translate into sales. Reward your affiliates for these. Have a contest for the best-marketed website, the best-designed website, or the website with the best ad placement. If your affiliate program relies on sales pages, instead of banners, reward affiliates with the best sales page design. Your options are endless. Basically, anything remotely related to affiliate program and internet market can turn into a contest.