A Simple Link Building Strategy For Getting To The Top

One of the most vital elements of SEO (search engine optimization) is link building. A good link building strategy will send a lot of traffic to your website and will also improve your ranking in the search engines. When you get a link back to your site from another site, it sends the signal to the all-powerful search engines that your site has something worth linking to. As a result, they move your site a little higher up in their listings. So, the reasoning is that the more such links you can get, the closer to the top of the heap you can get. And being in the first few results will give you a huge boost of visitors coming in after doing a search.

There are many different ways to get backlinks, but there is one thing you should do to increase your chances. You need to make sure that your site offers useful and relevant content based on the keywords you are trying to rank for. When you can show that you have great content other sites will be more likely to link to you, and you may not even have to request that they do so.

You should also know that not all links are created equally. The text used to label your site on somebody else’s site makes a difference. For example if the link people click on to get to your site (from another site) says “www.yourdomainname.com” it will count for something, but as much as if the text were something like “best product”. Therefore, one part of your link building strategy should include a recommended way of linking back to you, and that way should include the keywords you want to rank for.

Don’t forget to link to sites yourself. This is good karma. After all, you can’t really expect sites to link back to you if you’re not linking to any yourself. Having outbound links makes your site more complete for visitors, but it also increases the odds that other sites will provide you with backlinks.

If you like, you can look into trying a link building service, but be sure to research any company you’re considering before doing business with them. The reason for this is that some backlinking services are flagged by the search engines, and using their services can actually make you go lower in the rankings. Other than that, if you can find a reliable service, they can be a real time saver and improve your rankings at the same time.

Some site owners like to make direct contact with other site owners as part of their link building strategy. However, this is frowned upon by some, but it can work. Whatever you do, don’t use a form letter that sounds generic. Be yourself, be polite and be professional; making sure to personalize the message. With luck, you will get tons of backlinks.