Link Building Wiki

There is not really a Link building wiki out there. There is no place you can go to get all the information you could possibly need. However that information is still out there, it just requires a little bit of digging to find.

Link building is the process where you collect a list of links called Back Links. These back links are one of the key factors in determining your page rank. This rank is what determines what page your website ends up on.

People who do searches online typically do not go too far. They will skim the first few pages and will generally find what they are looking for. So any website that is not on those first few pages does not get much traffic and as such will not be all that successful.

The goal of using link building is to get your website as close to page one as you can. The closer to page one your site is, the more visitors it will get and the more potential there is for making money.

So while a Link building wiki would be handy, there are other methods for finding the information you want. One of the best ways is through articles such as these who can help you with what you want to know. However since this is not a wiki all I can do is give you a few tips to help you on your way.

1: Ensure your links are relevant to your website. SEO is pretty smart and is not fooled by bogus back links that have nothing to do with your website. If you use links like those, they will not increase your page rank. If they are not increasing your rank, then they are not doing anything and are simply useless.

2: Try to get back links from the websites that sit on the first couple of pages. By getting links from those websites you share a little bit of their success. SEO will pick up on that websites URL in your back link and some of their rank will piggy back onto your website. This makes links from those websites far more valuable then links from other websites.

The downside to this, however, is that those links can also be hard to get. Most of those high quality back links will require you to pay for them. Whether it is outright paying for the link or subscribing to a service to get them. You will very likely end up paying. However the benefit often outweighs the expenditure.

3: Quantity. While getting relevant and high quality links are important, you also need to make sure you get a lot of them. No Link building wiki could help with this. It just requires a lot of time and effort, getting as many links as you possibly can. The more links you have the more your website gets recognized and the higher up the ladder it climbs.

In the end it will be up to you to find your own way and learn what works best for you. But with these basic tips you can ensure you get the most out of your links no matter how you go about obtaining them.