What A PPC Advertizing Company Can Do For You

A ppc advertizing company is a company that specializes in pay-per-click advertising. Pay-per-click advertising is a type of results-based marketing. This marketing helps people get their websites viewed basically by paying a ppc advertizing company when people click on their ad.

Marketing a website is challenging. Many people think that if you make a website people will just flock to it naturally. But getting people there is really an art form. Pay-per-click marketing is one of the most popular ways to get traffic to a website.

A ppc advertising company is a company that handles placing your ad and managing clicks. If you have a website, for instance, you can pay a company to advertise it using the ppc model. They will put the ad for your site on other sites, and you pay for the traffic that advertisement draws to your site.

Sometimes you pay a flat amount for each click, other times you and other marketers will bid, so the price could be quite high. You bid on the keyword used in the ad or the placement of the ad. Some of the bid-based ads show up when you search on Google for specific keywords.

Because of the high profile spot, the ads that show up during a search are bid-based and can cost much more than any flat rate ads. But they also get the most exposure, and have good click-through rates.

A ppc advertizing company is a great way for a beginning marketer to get started. This is because it’s an affordable way to advertise that guarantees a certain number of visitors to your website. You can spend $5 a day or $500, depending on your budget.

If you only have $5 per day to spend in the beginning, then a flat rate would work well. Once enough people have clicked through the ad to use up your $5, your ad won’t appear anymore that day.

If you win a bid-based ad spot, that $5 could amount to much fewer clicks than a flat rate spot. Either way, the ppc advertising company will stop running your ad that day once your budget is exhausted.

For a beginning marketer, $5 a day or some other small amount is a reasonable start-up advertising amount. And since you’re guaranteed a set number of visitors before the ad stops running each day, you can easily measure your ROI.

ROI means Return on Investment. If you pay $5 for 100 click-throughs, and of those 100 only 1 person makes a purchase of a $5 item, then you’ve broken even. If you’d made a profit, then you would divide that by what you spent, and multiply that times 100.

That shows the percentage of your expense that was your return on the investment. Obviously, the higher number, the better your ROI and the more successful your campaign.

One of the easiest to use and most successful campaigns you can run is a pay-per-click campaign with Google Adwords, which is the most successful ppc advertizing company online.